About EST goes EAST Clearing-House

The EST goes EAST Clearing House (EgE) seeks to promote Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) in Central & Eastern Europe, through its function as a portal and source for information exchange, knowledge, news and experience. Main facilities include: 
Searchable databases of EST ‘Good Practices’ / Case studies (both at CEI region and national levels); ‘Strategy & Policy’ databases to promote new EST knowledge sharing (CEI region and national); Data & Statistics to understand trends and promote 'Good Practices' in EST; Environment-related Transport information and news (through the central Notice board); ‘Contacts/ Useful Links’ pages to facilitate networking between Transport & Environment institutions and organizations (CEI regional and national levels).

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Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST)
What is Environmentally Sustainable Transport?
Transport is sustainable when it provides for safe, economically viable and socially acceptable access to people, places, goods and services while meeting generally accepted objectives for health and environmental quality, protecting eco systems and minimizing adverse impact on global phenomena such as climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion and the spread of persistent organic pollutants.
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