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Project objective: to quantify the present environmental burden from transport in the Czech Republic on the basis of systematic and complex research and to propose methodical tools for gradual reduction or elimination of this burden.

Project description: this project is divided in 13 separated partial projects, that deal with current problems in the field of the effect of transport on the environment and human health, such as: determination of conditions and measures for reduction of this burden, analysis of their impacts in the field of economical effects (costs) and benefits for improving the quality of the environment, verification of emission factors of particular vehicle groups, analysis of relations between emission production from transport and emission concentration of pollutants in the air, assessment of the noise burden of the population from transport at the national level etc.

Expected Benefits:

Implementation of local and regional approaches for assessment of the transport impacts on health and the environment, which will be applicable not only for monitoring at the national level, but also for application of concrete measures aimed at the most burdened localities and regions.

Planned Course and Objectives:

* To determine and economically analyse suitable reduction measures including a financial expression of the state and tendency in the environmental burden by particular transport modes
* Refinement of development of criteria and limits of pollution from transport in the Czech Republic and the level of their harmonisation with European Union
* Specification of the optimal model for determination of maximum traffic intensity with reference to emission limits
* To give precision to the resulted values of monitored pollutants production and to widen the spectrum of monitored ones emitted by transport including toxic and genotoxic analyses
* Determination and improvement of the quality of prognosis of the environmental burden from transport for the period until year 2020 and bringing it into harmony with assumed European scenarios of sustainable mobility
* Realisation of the emissive inventory according to CORINAIR methodology in the field of transport
* Refining and updating methodical procedures for assessment of the noise burden from transport in connection with analysis and evaluation of regional studies and elaboration of methodical instruction for assessment of the noise burden
* Assessment of benefits and risks of application of available alternative fuels and further alternative energy sources for transport systems, analysis of their energy demand and environmental burden


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

01/2001 - 12/2005

Project manager:

Vladimír Adamec, S 13 - Environmental section

Contact details:

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