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S/P: Czech Transport policy for 2005 - 2013 - Czech PDF Print E-mail
Government Resolution No. 882/2005 adopted the Transport Policy of the Czech Republic for 2005 – 2013, which follows the timetable for the programming period of the EU for the period following accession of the Czech Republic to the EU to 2013 and is based on analysis and evaluation of the Transport Policy of the Czech Republic of 1998. This was part of the strategy of the transport sector in the period prior to accession to the EU. In spite of the fact that this document was prepared prior to preparation of the European transport policy, it was able to predict the basic directions of developments in accordance with European trends and was capable of meeting the main targets, especially in the area of full approximation of the EC legislation in the legislation of the Czech Republic, harmonization of transport systems and reform of public administration. Meeting targets in the area of development of the infrastructure seems less probable, as this is limited primarily by inadequate funding.

The Transport Policy is concerned with improving conditions for good-quality transport services to the regions and the entire area of the country, which should attempt to achieve equilibrium between the quality of public transport services and more rational use of passenger cars, the potential for affecting division of transport work and establishment of objective just charges for transport. The main subjects of concern in the Transport Policy in the framework of achieving its targets consist in harmonization of conditions on the transport market, modernization, development and revitalization of railway transport, improvement of the quality of road transport, reduction of the impact of transport on the environment and public health, promotion of multi-modal transport systems, development of urban, suburban and regional mass transport in the framework of integrated transport systems and concentration of research on safe, operationally reliable and environmentally sound transport.

Top-priority cross-sectional tasks concentrating on meeting environmental targets in transport consist especially in:
· promotion of reduction of transport intensity, especially in freight transport;
· reduction of the environmental impact of transport and reduction of the impact on public health;
· reduction of noise levels caused by railway transport;
· introduction of measures to reduce the occurrence of congestion in road transport and creation of legal conditions for the potential for regulation of individual automobile transport (reduction of transport, charging fees for parking and entering selected areas, creation of low-traffic areas, etc.); and
· provision for a greater volumes of funding for research and development.

The transport policy assumes:
· stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions derived from transport classified as fossil fuel sources and sources based on biomass to 2010 and reduction by 5% to 2013;
· reduction in emissions of sulphur dioxide from transport by 3% to 2010 and by 5% to 2013; and
· reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions from transport by at least 10% to 2010.

By 2013, the fraction of motor vehicles equipped with catalyzers should reach a level of 99% and the fraction of the population exposed to above limit concentrations of tropospheric ozone should decrease by 10% by 2010 and by 20% to 2020. These quantitative targets should be achieved through legislative, economic and information instruments.

Source: 4th National Communication of the Czech Republic on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Demonstrable progress report on Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

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