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The project concentrates on the methodology of calculating the bearing capacity of railway substructure containing geosynthetic materials. The design will be based especially on the experimentally tested positive effects of geosynthetics upon the bearing capacity of the construction layers. Verification of the effectiveness of reinforcing the construction layers on soft subgrade will be carried out in the testing field (geotechnical laboratory testing field GLTF).

Expected Benefits:

Differentiation of effectiveness of various types of geosynthetics in dependence on their kind (type) will enable more effective designing of the reinforcement of the construction layer of the railway substructure.

Planned Course and Objectives:

* Evaluation of the experience (collected both in this country and abroad) concerning determination of the benefit brought about by geosynthetic materials, and concerning design methods of determining the bearing capacity of railway substructure construction layers
* Evaluation of various geosynthetics types effectiveness on the grounds of GLTF testing
* Selection and determination of technical parameters of geosynthetics as regards their intended use
* A proposal of calculation methodology
* A proposal of CD regulations (S4, OTP) adjustments


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic, this project is being solved as an independent part of the CE803130121 project solved by CD VUZ

Duration of the Project:

03/2001 - 09/2003

Project manager:

Petr Zedník, S 11 - Infrastructure section

Publications and references:
Zedník, P.: Testing Efficiency of Reinforced Construction on Soft Subgrade In: Colloquium Collection: Zlepšování vyztužování zemin, Praha, March 2002
Zedník, P.: Geosynthetic Utilization on Bed. In: Colloquium Collection Q2002 - technologia údržby ciest, Žilina, May 2002

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