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Goal of project: The 5FP-Project ASAP solves an international consortium. ASAP research aims to develop a new concept for asset surveillance and protection in Europe. It develops and evaluates a designated wireless info-mobility system including end-unit devices sensors, system infrastructure and interconnected databases, and could become a European standard.

Description of solution:

* Identification of users' requirements
* ASAP's system specifications
* Development of communications
* Distributed data network
* Interfaces with ITS
* Design and test of a prototype

Expected benefits:

The benefit for companies using such a system is:

* Additional information concerning the supply chain
* Reduction of fines because the company can prove it did not cause the damage, reduction of insurance costs
* Reduction loss cost due to less assets lost

Planned Course and Objectives:

The first part of this project is an analysis of users' needs and requirements in terms of functions to be fulfilled by the ASAP system. This survey's goal is to:

* Define the concerned users (sector and nature of activity)
* Clarify their specific needs regarding asset surveillance and tracking systems


European Commission - RND 5FP

Duration of the Project:

11/2001 - 10/2003

Project manager:

Ivan Fencl, S 31 - Intelligent Transport Systems Section

Publications and references:

* ITS@revue -
* Proceedings book Infotrans Pardubice, February 2002

Contact details:

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