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Project objective: the project will define and draft the application of tools affecting transport development in regard to its sustainability in Czech conditions, with respect to compatibility with EU tendencies.

Project description: synthesis of knowledge and development tendencies not only from states of the European Union, but also other European and non-European states and their application to conditions in the Czech Republic. The results obtained will come from modelling of present and future transport development in the Czech Republic on a twofold level - not complying and complying with the principles of sustainable transport.

Expected Benefits:

The results of this research will be utilised first of all by government agents for formulation of the conception of transport development in the Czech Republic, which will respect European Union requirements.

Planned Course and Objectives:

*Appraisal of sustainable transport key elements as: cars structure, consumption of non-renewable resources, railroad electrification, division of transport operation, transport infrastructure, car property and external costs
*Quantification of environmental indicators of transport in the Czech Republic and their comparison with selected European countries according to the guideline of the OECD
*Creation of regulatory tools for transport development in the Czech Republic within lasting and sustainable bounds from the perspective of our entry to the EU
*Definition of conditions for transport sustainability in the Czech Republic including time assessment


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

01/2001 - 12/2003

Project manager:

Vladimír Adamec, S 13 - Environmental section

Publications and references:
Synthesis Report of the OECD Project on Environmentally Sustainable Transport EST Presented on the Occasion of the International EST Conference 4th to 6th October 2000, Vienna, Austria
OECD Document: Indicators for the Integration of Environmental Concerns into Transport Policies, 1999

Contact details:

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