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Integrated Mobility Centre - transport and tourist information for passengers

CZcity_91BRNOBrno, the Czech Republic's second largest city, is a seat of universities, national courts of justice and Brno Exhibition Centre welcoming numerous international fair trades and business congresses. The Southern Moravia metropolis prides itself on the natural beauties of Moravian Karst and vineyards with traditional wine cellars.

  • Objectives / Innovative Aspects

    To provide all kinds of information at one spot, at the Integrated Mobility Centre IMC: transport information, tourist information of the City of Brno, and the Southern Moravia Region as well as information for Brno ´s citizens.
    • To increase customer satisfaction, accessibility and attractiveness of integrated public transport in the City of Brno and the Southern Moravia Region.
    • To create a new functional and spatial soulution for Joštova street.
    • To equip stops at the connection point Česká with shelters and RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information) and to increase their accessibility for handicapped people.
    • To present a unique customer service and to increase the level of communication with the customers.
    • To reduce operating costs by providing synergies and applying innovative technologies.
    • To increase ticket sale.
    • To increase attractiveness of public space at one of the most important junction points in the city.
    • To improve comfort of passengers while changing public transport lines.
    • To provide the complete pilot installation of the RRPI at one the most important interchange points in Brno. This pilot project will be used as an example for other places in Brno or other cities.
    • To find out the optimal system of providing real time departing information to the customers.

Innovative aspects

The integrated new mobility centre is a totally new service in terms of size and scope and a similar example does not exist in Brno or the South Moravian Region.

The integrated mobility centre will be built right in the city centre of Brno and the chosen CIVITAS corridor, just next to one of the biggest change overs in Brno, where 8 tram lines and 6 trolley lines are comming together.

  • Saving operational costs for such an information centre by using modern technologies.
  • Increasing the awareness raising concerning public transport and other alternative modes of environmentally friendly ways of transport.
  • Integration of bus rental service.
  • Integrating bicycle servise station.
  • Integrating special ticket service for yearly tickets and target groups like pupils or old people.
  • New touch screen Internet information terminals with real time information and access to door-to-door info.
  • Real time information displays at the mobility centre and all the stops with shelters in the public space Joštova.
  • Developing RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information panel) that could be used in the historical centres of the CEE cities.

It will be possible to pay with credit cards and banking cards.


Implementation Status

The new integrated mobility centre should cover one of the most important junction points of the public transport in the city and meeting and communication points of Brno - Česká interchange.

  • Reconstruction of the public space at Joštova Street.
  • Build-up of the Intefrated Mobility Centre.
  • Delivery and installation of RTPI panels at each stop at the Česká interchange in the City of Brno.
  • Installation of the information panel on the roof of the building of the IMC.
  • Installation of all services at the IMC.
  • Training of IMC employees.

(Expected) Results

Expected outcomes

  • Increase of public transport users.
  • Increase of passengers´knowledge about the integrated public transport system.


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