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GP: Non-Motorised Passenger Intermodality in the Czech Republic - Czech PDF Print E-mail

Background: Recent trends in the Czech Republic have seen an increase in travel undertaken by car at the expense of public transport and the non-motorised modes, and have now been reflected in the main objective of the national transport policy. This recognises that more attention needs to paid to non-motorised modes, as these have been neglected in the past, and can have social and environmental benefits particularly in terms of reduced emissions and energy efficiency and therefore in reduced CO2 emissions. One response to this recognition was the development of a national cycling strategy, which recognised that there was a need for the integration of non-motorised transport with other modes of transport. The basic research needed to guide policy in this respect is missing, so the proposed project addresses this lack of knowledge. The project activities will be focused on analysing open public spaces and searching for the best inter-modal solutions in municipalities. The final case studies will serve as demonstration material and will develop recommendations for planning inter-modal public spaces and integration of non-motorized transport and public transport systems.

The project has four phases:


Phase I: An analysis of the current state of passenger inter-modality with a focus on connections among the public and non-motorised transport options in the Czech Republic and participating countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary). This would include a general description of the infrastructure, use, performance, significance, costs and resources, support, state and private sphere management.

Phase II: The development of future BAU and EST scenarios and the likely impacts on modal use, energy use and the environment, including CO2 emissions.

Phase III: Concrete demonstration projects, which would include the development of intermodal solutions for a number of case study areas from which recommendations for the planning of open public spaces would be developed. Indicators would be developed to measure the contribution of the schemes to inter alia modal shift and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Phase IV: A programme to inform the public on the possibilities of non-motorised intermodal travel, as well as the dissemination of the results among politicians and transport professionals.

Download Document: Non-motorised Intermodality.doc

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