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Project objective: The objectives of this project are the description of the present state of dealing with habitat fragmentation due to transport infrastructure, the evaluation of mainly foreign experiences in defragmentation measures, monitoring methods, avoidance of habitat fragmentation in the phase of transport infrastructure planning and permeable transport infrastructure concepts.

Project description: the monitoring of use of selected transport bridges, passages and culverts including the elaboration of relevant documentation, determination of conflict habitats of intersection, monitoring of fauna mortality on roads, identification of main "hot spots” where transport routes intersect the endangered fauna corridors and habitats.


Expected Benefits:

The most beneficial is the European Handbook "Wildlife and Traffic”, which will serve mainly users in the field of policy, state administration, designers of transport constructions, EIA and SEA experts, transport network maintenance, etc. for the elimination of habitat fragmentation.

Planned Course and Objectives:

* Habitat Fragmentation due to Transport Infrastructure: Czech State-of-the-Art Report
* European Handbook "Wildlife and Traffic"
* European Database data from the Czech Republic: creation of fauna utilisation data, fulfilling and maintenance of Czech part of European database
* A map of conflict points: ecologically significant segments that are impermeable for selected fauna


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

10/1999 - 12/2003

Project manager:

Jirí Dufek, S 13 - Environmental section

Publications and references:
Program COST
COST Transportr

Contact details:

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