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GP: Research on the potential for applying cycling transport as an integral and equal part of the transport system - Czech PDF Print E-mail



It is still necessary to explore new directions and develop new initiatives helpful for further development of cycling transport.

Description of solution: The research mission carries out a complete analysis of the actual level of support of cycling transport and sets-up specific recommendations for implementation of the given objective .The concrete measures are proposed in accordance with the prepared National Cycling Development Strategy in the Czech Republic.


Expected benefits:

Systematic support of environment-friendly transport. Decreasing of demand for motorised transport through adaptations in municipal development planning. Increasing of attractiveness of cycling, walking and public transport; supporting of mutual links among these modes of transport. Improving of cycling infrastructure. Additional supporting of tourism through cycle tourism.

Planned Course and Objectives:

* Elaborating of the pilot Strategic Cycling Development Plan for cities
* Creating of conditions for development of advanced training of municipal specialists
* Providing of sufficient information on the integrated transport system including its cycling part


Czech Grant Agency

Duration of the Project:

01/2000 - 12/2001

Project manager:

Jaroslav Martinek, S 32 - Cycling and Walking Section

Contact details:

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