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The project objective is to provide consulting services aimed to carry out cycling policy audits in Pardubice, Olomouc, Èeské Budìjovice and Ostrava (Czech Republic) with the use of BYPAD+ method. Another objective is to offer the project to other towns in the Czech Republic. BYPAD is prepared for local authorities to help with quality screening of their local cycling policy. It analyses in details the strengths and weaknesses of common political processes and provides recommendations to improve the policy. BYPAD method is based on the idea of overall quality management and has been used as a standard procedure in the world of business for a long time, e.g. ISO 9000, EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management).


Expected benefits:

*Towns exchanging experiences in the area of cycling audits and benchmarking systems

*Appropriate recommendations to improve regional cycling policy

*Specialists advisors assistence during the BYPAD implementation in towns

*Results distribution and town promotion

Planned Course and Objectives:


* Plan of improving the quality of cycling policy determines goals for future years

*Mark BYPAD - in the ending of audit proces BYPAD the city will receive the mark which will introduce the appreciation of quality of regional cycling policy and also mark about BYPAD graduation. This mark is also certificate that the city actively goals for improvement of cycling policy

*Web page BYPAD introduces forum where the cities can mutualy learn from their own experiences

*Regional workshop BYPAD - forum for intensive exchange of experiences among audited cities and report which summarises experiences from BYPAD for the other cities


DG TREN (European Commission Directorate - General for Transport and Energy) and towns

Duration of the Project:

01/2003 - 12/2004

Project manager:

Jaroslav Martinek, S 32 - Cycling and Walking Section

Contact details:

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