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GP: Stabilisation and further reduction of the environmental burden caused by transport in the Czech Republic - Czech PDF Print E-mail



Project objective: The main objective of this project is to set out utilizable inputs for an efficient control of the stabilisation and gradual reduction process of the environmental burden caused by the transport sector in the Czech Republic. On the basis of systematic research, the environmental burden caused by transport is monitored from the viewpoint of long-term impacts and their elimination including the reduction measures adopted and prepared

Project description: model calculation and evaluation of pollution of selected environmental components on the basis of annual updating of emission factors, the state of rolling stock, traffic performance, "classic" and alternative fuel consumption, etc. Evaluation of effectiveness of implemented measures and consequent prognosis of air pollution and land annexation by transport on the base of this effectiveness.

Expected Benefits:

The project gives the MoT the main quantified inputs for a real assessment of the overall transport environmental impact that is a fundamental requirement for the elaboration of possible scenarios of transport development in the Czech Republic

Planned Course and Objectives:

*Annual evaluation of air pollution trends from transport individual modes, land annexation, prognosis to 2015
*The proposal of emissions calculation methodology for all transport modes
*Study of CR and EU legislation in the field of transport and the environment
*Set of measures for the minimisation of transport environmental impact


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

01/1996 - 12/2001

Project manager:

Jirí Dufek, S 13 - Environmental section

Publications and references:
Palán, J., Dufek, J., Adamec, V., Huzlík, J., Cholava, R., Nìmcová, H., Svoboda, F.: Stabilisation and further reduction of the environmental burden caused by transport in the Czech Republic. CDV, Brno 2001. 60 p. (in Czech).

Contact details:

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