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Project objective: The objective is to implement specific conclusions of the Charter on Transport, Health and Environment which were adopted by the Czech Government through the Directive No. 706 from the 12th July 2000, especially in connection to the chapter IV.B of the document endorsing: "Support of the modes of transport and land use planning bringing the best impact for health of the population".

Description of solution: To elaborate and implement strategies supporting the modes of transport which are friendly to the environment and positively influence the health of citizens.

Expected benefits:

The benefit for companies using such a system is:

*Decreasing of demand for motorised transport through adaptations in land use, municipal and regional development planning

*Increasing of attractiveness of cycling, walking and public transport; supporting of mutual links among these modes of transport. Improving of cycling infrastructure

*Decreasing of the cyclist accident rate, especially preventing the most serious life and health consequences

*Creating of conditions for development of advanced training of citizens. Providing of sufficient information on free choice of a means of transport and change of life-style

*Further reducing of emissions and noise which are hostile to the environment

*Reducing of cardiovascular diseases

*Additional supporting of tourism through cycle tourism

Planned Course and Objectives:

Strategic visions, Global objectives, Action plans (20 priorities, 95 measures + financial plan and monitoring, Time schedule).


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

01/2001 - 12/2006

Project manager:

Jaroslav Martinek, S 32 - Cycling and Walking Section

Contact details:

Link to National Cycle Strategy Czech Republic (czech)

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