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GP: Support of Sustainable Transport Development Implementation - Czech PDF Print E-mail

Origin: National (Czech Republic)  Duration: 2007-2011 


Background & policy context

 Transport in the Czech Republic may be characterised in a similar way as in other countries of the European Union. Roads and motorways, as well as cities and urban agglomerations, are congested; road accident rates are rising; the environment is becoming increasingly more threatened. However, unlike the majority of developed countries, the Czech transport system must cope with a very low transport infrastructure capacity, particularly the regional routes.

The Czech Republic faces a mandate to quickly modernize transport infrastructure, so that the Czech transport system is able to absorb an assumed increase in passenger and freight transport within the European transport network. The ability to calculate the benefits accurately requires the ability to express external costs – transport impact. The externalities are also the basic problem of transport harmonization in the European network after 2010.

Externalities calculation bears national significance, and it is the obligation of individual countries to produce national standards, or matrices. The programme is thematically linked to National Research Programs I and II, and particularly to Czech Transport Policy for the Years 2005-2013, and is in keeping with the objectives of European Transport Policy.

Strategic objectives

Development and verification of new technical and technological standards and means for road safety improvement and environmental impact reduction in order to reduce social losses;
Development of general methods and tools for quantification of social externalities of the effects of individual modes of transport in the Czech Republic;
Development of methods and legislative framework for the harmonization of conditions between individual transport modes during transport infrastructure development planning, with an attached consideration of external costs;
Design of standards of technical and organization relations of public passenger transport systems and their legislative framework (a subsidy control tool);
Design of a system of regulations for public logistics centres (terminals) for inter-modal and multi-modal freight transport systems;
Design of a system of regulations for City Logistics of urban and industrial agglomerations;
Development of public telematic and information transport systems for planning, organizing, and implementation of transport systems services;
Determination of theoretic starting points for the development of tools for effective planning and investment in transport infrastructure development.

Programme organisation

Road safety improvement and reduction of negative impact of transport on health and the environment
Development of regional transportation infrastructure and public transport services
Inter-modal and multimodal transport development
Promotion of telematic and information tools for transport policy realisation

Programme stakeholders

Research and developmental support from public resources is obtained through Resolution No. 461/2002, of The Government of the Czech Republic, and is administered by the Czech Ministry of Transport. The projects receive co-financing from the private sector.

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