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Project objective is analysis of procedures for monitoring of hydrosphere contamination by pollutants emitted from traffic which have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Project description: The intention of the project solution is to find out the penetration of traffic emitted pollutants to the hydrosphere on the basis of the hydrological and hydrogeological situation in the surroundings of selected highways and motorways. The pollutants are evaluated from the aspect of their content and toxicity not only in relation to relevant limits but also in connection with potential negative effects on the environment and human health.

Expected Benefits:

Indication of hydrosphere stress level in potentially endangered localities in the CR. Proposal of methodology of water contamination monitoring of pollutants which have negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Planned Course and Objectives:

*The assessment of the relevance of the impact of selected traffic related pollutants (VOC, n-PAH) on the hydrosphere
*Correlation of chemical analysis results with toxicity tests results
*Evaluation of test toxicity results with regards to potential negative effects on human health (risk analysis)
*Estimation of the age contamination in selected localities on the basis of the proportionality of different aromatic matters


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

04/1999 - 12/2003

Project manager:

Jirí Huzlík, S 13 - Environmental section

Publications and references:
Huzlík, J.: Identification meaning of mineral oils in natural samples. In: Ekoanalytika '99. Praha 1999, p. 113 (in Czech)

Contact details:

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