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Background: In the chapter on the ‘Protection of Sensitive Areas’ of the Vienna Programme of Joint Actions, resulting from the Regional Conference on Transport and the Environment in Vienna in 1997, ‘sensitive areas’ are defined as a field of action requiring sustainable transport development. In these areas, special attention has to be paid to reducing the adverse health and environmental impacts of transport, including emissions of greenhouse gases, to acceptable limits. All the regions selected for this project are of international importance as they spread into Austria and are used as fauna migration corridors between the Czech Republic and Austria. These regions were also selected for this demonstration project because it is one of Czech most outstanding landscapes. Their distinctive features, however, made these areas vulnerable to tourism, recreation, etc, and thus this project is an opportunity to introduce EST principles to these beautiful areas. The main objective of this demonstration project is to establish a concept of sensitive areas evaluation from the view of transport impacts on the environment quality. Selected areas will be evaluated according to the set of criteria published in the frame of EST! international initiatives. Proposals for adequate traffic reduction measures, and hence of emissions, will be the part of this concept.

The demonstration project will have three phases:Phase 1: Five Czech environmentally sensitive areas will be compared from the perspective of a number of criteria, including state of the environment, motorised transport parameters (including CO2 emissions) and non-motorised transport parameters.Phase II: The identification of main issues ‘conflict points’ and proposal of adequate reduction measures. Measures could be, for example, vehicle speed reduction, restriction of access of the most polluting vehicles, (eg old diesel freight vehicles), creation of new cycling routes, construction of noise barriers or reconstruction of road bridges to ensure its permeability for endangered fauna, etc. Phase III: These results will be generalised into a concept ‘How to ensure EST in sensitive areas’, which will be a useful tool for the state management both in the national and in the regional and local level. Further funding will then be sought to put the concept into practice in these areas, applying the measures identified in Phase II.

Download Document: Sensitive Border Areas

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