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Whole Zagreb, and especially its historic center, is overcrowded with car. At the end of 2007, Zagreb had 786.200 residents and 399.283 motorized vehicles[1], which is 25% more than 6 years earlier, and that number is still rising.[2] This drastic increscent is causing mayor traffic jams and reducing of air-quality, so it was clear that something has to be done in order to improve this situation.

At the beginning of 2009, City of Zagreb has made a decision that usage of public transport 2 stops from main square in Zagreb will be free of charge. The goal of this decision is to encourage people to use more public transport instead of their private motorized vehicles, which should reduce air pollution and traffic jams in center of Zagreb. Several months later, two additional stops were also announced as free of charge.[3]

Map of an area with free public transport


On the edge of this area, there are several public garages, so car-drivers can park their cars in those garages, and use free public transport to come to their destination in the center of Zagreb. For now, there is no analysis of results of implementation of this regime, but when they will be done, they will probably show rise of public transport usage and decrease of car usage in the city center. 

The other project that has improved public transport in Zagreb is setting-out electronic displays on public-transport stops, showing the time before next tram or bus arrival. Project has started at the end of 2007[4], and by now displays are set on 147 stops[5]. Displays have helped the users of public transport to know how long they will have to wait, so they could decide which tram or bus line they could use. Generally, most of the public transport users reacted very positively on the displays.


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