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Pazin is situated in the centre of the Istrian peninsula of Croatia. Administratively, it is the district seat of Istria, despite the fact that it not big citiy – it has only 9.227 residents32 The main traffic route through Pazin connects the eastern and western coasts of Istria, and this popular route alongside increasing car ownership was leading to congestion, frequent accidents and unsafe roads for pedestrians, cyclists and the disabled in Pazin. The southward route through Pazin leads towards Pula, which is the biggest city in Istria, with 58.594 residents.33

In 1994, the City Council formed a Working Group for Traffic which developed a Traffic Plan based upon the city transport policy. Its main objectives were:
-to improve the quality of life,
-to provide greater accessibility to the city,
-to regenerate the local economy

The principal characteristics of this transport policy were:

-re-allocation of road space
-developing the use of sustainable modes of transport
-improving parking areas.

Many improvements have been made to the roads in the city centre including the introduction of traffic free areas. Considering that tourism in Pazin and its surrounding area is based upon the beauty of the untouched natural landscape and the rich cultural and historical heritage. Cycling and walking in the countryside are being promoted and this type of tourism is being developed. One of the traffic plan's goals is to provide disabled people with access to public buildings and places. As an example of what has been done in this field, the sidewalks in the centre of the city have been adapted for disabled use, and remaining streets will be adapted in the future.35

A key outcome of the measures implemented from the Traffic Plan is there hasn’t been a road traffic accident in the centre of Pazin in the past seven years and fewer accidents in the city as a whole. Better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists have allowed Pazin to build up and promote walking and cycling tourism in the city and surrounding area.

The Traffic Plan has been extended to other areas of the centre and suburbs of Pazin with plans to:

-Construct parking areas in the suburbs
-Alter the traffic direction in some streets (where possible) through construction of new streets and reconstruction of   existing streets.
-Improvements of road signs
-Implementation of more traffic free areas.





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