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On September 2008, Zelema Akcija -- Friends of the Earth Croatia and Young Researchers of Serbia have started implementation of a regional project "Campaign to improve urban transport in Zagreb and Belgrade" which will be implemented from September 2008 to January 2010[1].

Overall goal of the project is to influence urban transport policies in cities of SEE to make them more sustainable from economical, social and environmental aspect through cross - border cooperation among CSOs, promotion of best practices from European cities and through public participation in decision – making processes in order to decrease ecological footprint and to increase quality of life.
The more specific goal is to transfer positive experiences from campaign in Zagreb to Young Researches of Serbia from Belgrade but also learn something from transport situation in Belgrade and campaigning skills that Young Researchers of Serbia have in some other issues.
Stakeholders of the project are: Local government of Zagreb, public and citizens of Zagreb and Belgrade, car drivers associations in Zagreb and Belgrade, Municipality of New Belgrade, City of Belgrade, Secretariat for environmental protection, Elementary school Djuro Strugar, local stakeholders related to transport policies.
On January 2009, two-day regional seminar for NGOs from Western Balkans was held in Zagreb. Goal of the seminar was to present successful campaign in Zagreb to other NGOs, to establish cooperation between NGOs in the region through campaigning exchange experience, and to present importance of the spatial planning to the seminar participants. There were 15 representatives of 10 regional NGOs present on the seminar, and they all continued cooperation after the seminar via e-mail listserve.
Other achievements of the project are 8 press releases on sustainable urban transport in Zagreb and Belgrade, 44 media articles on urban transport issues in Zagreb and Belgrade in media, 1000 copies of brochure on European good transport practices (titled “Where is Zagreb transport system traveling? – Problems of Zagreb transport system and good examples from European cities.”) with 30 A5 pages, printed and distributed, 5 workshops in schools about transport and alternatives for sustainable transport use in Belgrade, 1 presentation on innovative transport solution, 1 public exhibition on transport, 1 direct public advocacy performance during European Mobility Week in Zagreb, 2 multi-stakeholders discussions with 20 participants each on transport in Zagreb and Belgrade and 1000 copies of brochure on results of the project on Croatian and 1000 copies on Serbian.
Project will result with increased capacity for urban transport campaigning of Young Researchers of Serbia, and with other regional NGOs as well. For example, before the beginning of this project Young Researchers of Serbia haven’t had some mayor transport campaign, but now they are planning to continue to work on urban transport after the project ends. They have used information’s they have gathered on regional seminar in Zagreb, and organized national seminar for Serbian NGOs, encouraging them to be more involved in campaign for sustainable transport.
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