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GP: Integrated and extended cycling network - Debrecen - Hungary PDF Print E-mail

Debrecen has already made efforts to implement a coherent bicycle road network as it is one of the most promising alternative individual traffic modes. While the cycling culture also has to be boosted, it is first necessary to provide an adequate infrastructural network for citizens.

Objectives/ Innovative aspects

The efficiency of the existing bicycle network could be greatly improved by constructing some missing key elements. This will allow cyclist to access many more destinations on a separate, dedicated cycle network.

The measures

* necessary pavement marking works, traffic signs and other separator elements
* needed layouts
* permission from the authorities to the demonstration
* installation of 300 new safe storages on key locations to further emphasize the usage of bikes
* comprehensive targeted development study to define the most efficient options
* „constructing” the new bicycle lanes
* develop and implement integrated cycling network
* demonstrate cooperative planning and implement new sustainable mobility strategy

Implementation status

The procurement procedure of the development plan and design study will be launched soon

Expected results

* to increase the number of the bicycle users
* less cars on the roads
* safer and healthier environment


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MOBILIS initiative

CIVITAS MOBILIS partners cities of Toulouse (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice (Italy) and Odense (Denmark), and their local mobility stakeholders – strive to create a culture for clean urban mobility in the framework of sustainable development, ensuring involvement of all relevant stakeholders and participation of

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