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GP: Accessibility scheme for the conference centre and pedestrian zone - Hungary PDF Print E-mail

This measure is also contribute to protect the inner city of Debrecen from motorized traffic.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects


With the establishing of the new conference centre and its underground car park, the actual pedestrian zone can reach further dimensions. The impact area covers the dense commercial area with a lot of commercial units as well as destinations related to social, religious and administrative activities.

The measures

* building the conference centre
* new parking areas
* good public transport facilities

Implementation Status

* The new conference centre has been finished in February, 2006.
* Procurement procedure of the development plan and design study has been launched
* Designers checked the area through a going-over

Expected results

The underground car park can serve as a „park and walk” facility, than the foreseeable impact of de-motorisation can reach further than the actual pedestrian zone itself. By offering a direct connection to the pedestrian zone for the conference centre it can be assumed that participants arriving for a 2-3 day event with their own car will rather walk to the city centre and access the tram at stops for sightseeing, rather than using their own cars.



The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MOBILIS initiative

CIVITAS MOBILIS partners cities of Toulouse (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice (Italy) and Odense (Denmark), and their local mobility stakeholders – strive to create a culture for clean urban mobility in the framework of sustainable development, ensuring involvement of all relevant stakeholders and participation of

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