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The proposed bio-fuel program of Debrecen represents the most evident efforts of the city to create a sustainable mobility system in a form of a wide integration of waste-management, district heating, electricity production and public transport.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

After the positive results of the necessary studies a full-fleet-scale usage of bio fuels will be implemented in the non-electric part of the public transport system of Debrecen.

The measures

Biogas operation in two terms:

* after positive study results a test mode
* if the test mode is successful a full scale implementation of biogas usage can be realized in the public transport

the necessary investments:

* biogas cleaning system
* storage and supply system

* conversion of 7 conventional diesel buses to CNG ones (target: fleet of 20 CNG buses) and operation in priority areas
* acquisition and installing of CNG engines
* acquisition and installing of CNG fuel tanks
* reinforcement of the vehicle chassis
* necessary modifications of vehicle electronics
* necessary test and state license procedure
* analysis of framework conditions for local bio-diesel and bio-gas production and usage and implement recommendations
* demonstration of bio-diesel and bio-gas usage in PT buses and road maintenance vehicle
* new CNG buses will also be purchased
* old diesel buses will be taken out of circulation

Implementation status

* Cooperation with local experts
* Compilation of a study about CNG and biogas in public transport
* Bid for the consumables
* Regular local meetings with academic staff
* Discussion with German firms in Budapest about required technological facilities

Hajdú Volán started cooperation with local experts on the compilation of a Study of the parameters for using biodiesel and biogas in the public transport of Debrecen. Besides, the company asked the suppliers to make and send a bid for the consumables that are needed for the CNG conversion. The company also keeps close cooperation with the experts of the University of Debrecen in form of regular local meetings. The University has gathered information in Békés county, in Budapest and at Kunhegyes about the availability of the raw materials required for the biofuel types and the technical conditions and development plans and directions.

Expected results

* the converted CNG will be used in the inner city centre to contribute to the improvement of emission impacts


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MOBILIS initiative

CIVITAS MOBILIS partners cities of Toulouse (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice (Italy) and Odense (Denmark), and their local mobility stakeholders – strive to create a culture for clean urban mobility in the framework of sustainable development, ensuring involvement of all relevant stakeholders and participation of

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