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GP: DONAUREGIONEN – The Spatial Development Concept of Interregional Co-operation in the Danube Space - Slovakia PDF Print E-mail

Project No.


Lead partner

Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic

Prievozská 2/B

82525 Bratislava




Contact person

Ing. Tibor Nemeth



 +421258317433; +421258317433






  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



1 - Spatial development approaches

1.1 - Promoting spatial development


(See here for a priorities and measures overview)



Call for project proposals

4th Call

Short description

The countries and regions located along the Danube river are in need of planning co-ordination regarding spatial development. The insufficient availability of information for planning is a severe constraint regarding investments in the regions. This can be overcome by a development strategy involving various Danube countries. Already in the period from 1997 to 2002 a comprehensive strategy for the Danube region was proposed, methodologically developed and experimentally verified by the spatial planning work group ARGE Donauländer. The project DONAUREGIONEN is the next step of the spatial planning working group to foster the development process of the Danube area. The project should help to evaluate the social, economic, environmental, human and infrastructural development potentials in the Danube area. The formulation of a development concept for the Danube area includes the identification of projects fostering development, a typology of the regions and the selection of centres for development. To enforce the implementation of the project proposals a set of instruments will be established.


Results and Effects

The expected outcomes of the project are: - The optimisation of territorial, socio-economic and environmental relations of territorial units along the Danube river, - The creation of an information platform on which the public authorities in the Danube area may rely when drafting regional plans and programmes, - The establishment of partnerships that provide consultancy in spatial planning of the Danube region which will also serve as an instrument that allows the co-ordination of investment activities and provides information on locations for potential investors, - The creation of a territorial-planning basis supporting the interregional co-ordination of the arrangement of the Danube area territory which will serve as a reference document that can be used to update and co-ordinate the regional development of the regions involved, - An updated and improved information and meta-information system allowing for reporting/sharing of the activities planned by regions.

Project budget

Total budget (EUR):

 974.964,00 EUR



 453.022,00 EUR








Project Partners

Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ministry of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection of the Bayern, Munich, Germany

Regions Research Center, Modra, Slovakia

The Self-Government of Bratislava County, Bratislava, Slovakia

The Self-Government of Nitra County, Nitra, Slovakia

Scientific Association for Regional Development, Tököl, Hungary

The Self-Government of Pest County, Budapest, Hungary

National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria

INCD URBANPROIECT, Bucharest, Romania

Republic Agency for Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


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