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GP: Expansion and diversification of the car sharing scheme in Venice - Italy PDF Print E-mail

This measure foresees the expansion of the car sharing scheme and differentiation of services offered, also including corporate car sharing and the introduction of vehicles suitable for drivers with disabilities.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The objective is to expand the existing car-sharing fleet by 30%, increasing the proportion of the fleet that runs on alternative fuels to 50% through the implementation of a sustainable purchasing policy and to reduce the number of private cars in the city by designing and demonstrating a corporate car sharing scheme.
In addition, there is the intention to increase the diversity of supply and, thus, of target users by introducing vehicles suitable for drivers with disabilities in the car-sharing fleet, more CNG cars and a CNG filling station also for other public and private institutions linked to the City of Venice.

Introduce a totally new scheme for the car-sharing service, reducing the number of corporate vehicles, using cars with low emissions standards.
Enlarge the innovative Car-sharing scheme already implemented in the City of Venice with alternative fuels and to give the possibility to customers with disabilities to join it.

The Measures

Research and technological development
Work regarding the corporate car sharing scheme:
Refining the business concept for the Corporate Car-sharing scheme on the basis of a demand analysis of local companies needs;
Further development of the scheme’s current car-sharing software and onboard computer technology to allow company and local authority reservation, customer recognition, monitoring of movements (particularly for the home/ work car-sharing facility) and customised accounting;
Study of fiscal issues and definition of tariff system making car-sharing convenient for business purposes;
The expansion the car-sharing scheme will be guided by the consultation of the current pool of customers for feedback on preferences and performance in order to ensure continuing high quality customer service. The purchasing policy implemented will be sustainable, in that it will be guided by the results of studies defining vehicles suitable for installation of the car-sharing onboard computer system, on alternative fuels available and their related performance( in terms of economics, energy and environmental efficiency) and the identification of vehicles most suitable to adaptation to the needs of customers with disabilities.

Activities regarding scheme expansion and diversification:
Analysis of the needs and the preferences of the users of the car-sharing system in relation to the types of vehicles currently offered (types, accessories and dimensions).
Analysis of vehicle models available with a view to their suitability for the installation of the onboard computer necessary for the management of the car-sharing fleet.

Cost/benefit analysis (also in environmental/energy efficiency terms) of vehicles which run on different alternative fuels. This study aims to identify the best available fuel-vehicle relationship in terms of environmental and economic efficiency in order to the guide the vehicle purchasing policy of ASM. In case the final results will highlight as the best solution the use of CNG, the creation of a CNG refuelling station geared to serve anyways the actual existing fleet of CNG cars belonging to ASM, VESTA, ACTV or the City of Venice, will grant particular benefits.
Analysis aimed at identifying the suitability of the 2 vehicles to be purchased and adapted to the needs of customers with disabilities.

Subsequent substitution of the onboard computer in a part of the car-sharing fleet;
Testing of the corporate car-sharing and business/home car-sharing software;
Demonstration of emission savings thanks to the Corporate and Business/home car-sharing
Public tender procedure for vehicle purchace.
Installation of the CNG filling station in the car sharing scheme car park at Piazzale Roma that will be available not only for ASM actual fleet of vehicles but also for other public companies’ cars such as ACTV and the city of Venice. It will be implemented an agreement protocol between the parties.

Training of operators regarding the new system.

Implementation Status

ASM has drawn up agreements with some Municipalities in the province (Marcon, Mogliano, Mirano, Mira), with the I.U.A.V. (Venice University’s Institute of Architecture) and with the Province of Venice for the use of car-sharing vehicles by their employees, as service cars and for home-work journeys. These agreements provide particularly advantageous rates for the use of the system’s cars; they also provide cars reserved for the exclusive use of the fore-mentioned bodies and paying the home/office journey at the sole rate of kilometres travelled.
For the purpose of encouraging greater use of the system (especially by employees of the entities subscribing to the system) car collection and return points have been set up in Mirano, Marcon, Marghera, Favaro, Carpenedo.

The “Report on needs and preferences of the car sharing system customers in relation to the types of vehicles offered” and the “Report on relative cost-benefits (also in environmental terms) of vehicles running on alternative fuels” have been completed in Italian and in English.

The following vehicles are now part of the fleet:
· 4 Opel Zafira (2 equipped with an on-board computer)
· 5 Fiat Punto (4 equipped with an on-board computer)
· 1 Fiat Doblò Cargo 1.6 Natural Power
· 2 Fiat Doblò 1.4 Active fitted out to transport disabled passengers
The vehicles for disabled passengers will run on petrol, as the size of the running board needed for wheel-chair users prevents methane gas conversion.

On the 31.01.2006 there were 1,478 contracts in force and 2,630 users (valid member cards).
The results expected for the end of 2006 (n°. 1,000 users) have, therefore, been fully attained.

Two car-sharing information days were organised on the following dates:
· 19.03.06 in Mestre
· 26.03.06 in Mogliano Veneto
In both cases a stand was set up and information material distributed (of which some samples are included herewith). The stand has been personalised with car-sharing images and with the Mobilis logo.

The car-sharing system has also been promoted during the exhibition “Nature, exhibition of natural and well-being” held from the 1st to the 4th of June 2006 in Forte Marghera (Mestre-Venezia): ASM has promoted the car-sharing service organizing a stand and distributing information material.

(Expected) results

The Corporate Car Sharing Scheme’s objective is to sign agreements with 10 companies for approximately 15 cars (minimum Euro IV) by the end of 2005 and to sign up the same number of firms for the same number of cars in 2006.
Arrive at 1.000 users of the car-sharing scheme by the end of 2006 and permit people with disabilities to be customers of this service.


Cecchetto Silvia
a c q u i s t i @ a s m . i t

The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MOBILIS initiative

CIVITAS MOBILIS partners cities of Toulouse (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice (Italy) and Odense (Denmark), and their local mobility stakeholders – strive to create a culture for clean urban mobility in the framework of sustainable development, ensuring involvement of all relevant stakeholders and participation of

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