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This measure focuses on the creation of a web-enabled information system for the management of temporary and permanent parking spaces along the inner canals in Venice.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of the permanent and temporary boat parking spaces along the inner canals in Venice, through the creation of a web-enabled information system that integrates day-to-day administrative acts (requests, authorizations, etc.) and provides support to decision-makers and regulators for the integrated management of boat traffic and circulation, during ordinary and extraordinary situations. In this way, parking will be managed in a planned and controllable manner having a positive impact on the entity of traffic flows in Venice’s channels.
The innovative aspect is the involvement of economic operators in the construction of the logistic scheme. This will be made with the development of an innovative model that will consider how all the deliveries are made. The attractiveness will be improved by the standards met by the vehicles used, which will be able to access everywhere at any time instead of being restricted by the limited access zone and by bus lanes. The entire scheme will be innovative, combining managing technologies and technical solutions with low impact vehicles and a modern terminal. The integration of the management of different activities would permit a rationalization of the use of docks, reducing traffic congestion as well as wake and noise pollution in the city.

The Measures

Canal parking:
-analysis of the actual use of docks;
-recalibration of the permitted use of docks by different boat types at different times of the day and night;
-identification of boat docks to be reserved for the delivery of cargo at set times;
-identification of docks that could be used temporarily;
-management of permits for the temporary use of docks during construction/restoration work,
-management of the signage that will regulate the dock use based on the aforementioned analyses;
-development of parking management system;
-system testing and personnel training;
-integration with other information systems.

Implementation status

This measure is managed by the City of Venice and Forma Urbis.
The info keeper web system, which is to be accessible in intranet, combines three separate programmes regarding docks, signals and parking space concessions which are based on a single mapping system.
The section dedicated to the management of parking spaces and the map have been completed.
A Survey and meetings have been held with the Trade Association to identify a list of the main boat docks for the delivery of cargo.
The target delivery locations to be monitored have been identified.
The “Handbook for field data collector” and the “Handbook for data collection locations” have been made.
The subcontract to Associazione Centro Progetti Venezia has been signed.
There have been contacts with consumer associations, local authorities and transport trade associations to organize meetings for the new water traffic plan .
The temporary and permanent parking permitting system has been designed using the information collected during the docks use surveys and analysis, the distribution of suitable docks, based on a hierarchical, time-based prioritization system and the pre-existing information about parking concessions, temporary docks, preferred cargo docks.
The general standards for the re-calibration of the permitted use of docks by different boat types at different times of the day and night have been decided. The re-calibration of docks use has been carried out.
Forma Urbis has produced an in-depth study about the local delivery cargo. Using the information collected during the dock use surveys in September 2005, they have made a thorough analysis of the local delivery cargo, the docks use and they have proposed the guide-lines for a model to make decisions about the permitted dock use.
They are studying the current administrative procedure and the official documents about the application form to obtain the temporary use of docks during the construction/restoration work, the water parking space and the transit in the canals.
Forma Urbis is now working with the WPI students in order to inspect the current use of canal space for parking and areas where there are traffic flow issue. They are studying the current system in place in Venice with regards to the interaction between parking and traffic. They will use the gathered information in combination with previously existing traffic flow data to implement a web GIS system to assign in permanent and temporary parking space.
Prof. Fabio Carrera took part as speaker at CIVITAS Forum Annual Meeting in Burgos. They have prepared the presentation with the advice of Manuele Medoro in order to represent the City of Venice. Dott.ssa Daniela Pavan took part at the roundtables “Urban Freight” and “Water transport”.
They are working on the Milestone 10.2 v-4 “Development of parking management system”. This milestone has not finished yet because they want to work in a very deeply manner . They want to work with the final stakeholders so they are taking a lots of meetings with them. The delivery months for Milestone 10.2 V-4 was 18. They will finish the milestone on march 2007.

(Expected) results

A complete information system for the management of permanent and temporary parking along canals will:
· reduce the possibility of boats competing for the use of the same dock, by reserving docks for certain key activities at certain times of the day;
· reduce the waiting time to obtain concessions for parking spaces (both permanent and temporary
· eliminate the possibility that temporary docking permits may negatively affect important services (such as deliveries or emergency services) and create traffic obstructions;
· allow Venetians to use their personal boats to conduct personal business and use docks for extended periods of time (2 hrs)
· provide constant information to decision makers for the planning of measures aimed at controlling boat traffic and reducing wake and noise pollution;


Medoro Manuele
m a n u e l e . m e d o r o @ c o m u n e . v e n e z i a . i t

The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MOBILIS initiative

CIVITAS MOBILIS partners cities of Toulouse (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice (Italy) and Odense (Denmark), and their local mobility stakeholders – strive to create a culture for clean urban mobility in the framework of sustainable development, ensuring involvement of all relevant stakeholders and participation of

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