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 A new and flexible Demand Resposive Transport System will be implemented for people living in peri-urban areas of Potenza.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

* Implementing an innovative and flexible Demand Responsive Transport System in low demand and low population density areas
* Organizing an intermodal transport system supporting interchange and integration between the DRTS and other transport systems within the city in order to improve the accessibility for peri-urban users

Innovative aspects: offering a flexible transport system.

The measures

The demonstration site is a peri-urban area within the Municipality of Potenza. The implementation involves the agreement of local transport companies currently operating in the area and the identification of collection and interchange points.
Training courses for the personnel will be carried out and events will be organised involving people living in low density population areas aimed at explaining the DRTS characteristics.

Implementation status

Preliminary organization, DRTS planning (agreement with local public transport companies, definition of collection points, call centre planning) M 14-23
Information campaign M 24-26
Personnel training M 24-26
Implementation M 27-48

(Expected) results

Providing basic mobility to people living in areas not supported by conventional public transport services.
Substituting and integrating conventional service during time periods characterized by low demand.
Strengthening conventional public transport services supporting interchange and integration with other transport modes.
Attracting potential mobility demand not satisfied by current public transport system supply.


Mancusi Katia
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The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative

CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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