Priority 2 Sustainable and professional systems of Transport and access to the Information society

Measure 2.1Efficient development of Transport systems according to a sustainable development

The objectives of project TWIST are:
1. The verification of the social economic gap existing between the internal zones (mountainous and rural) and the urban areas, linked or depending to the ordinary public transport.
· Analysis of the incidence of the weakness of the ordinary public transport on the dynamics of mobility in the internal areas (living places) towards urban areas (work/study/services places);
· Analysis of the mains causes of the social costs linked to the lack of flexible mechanisms for the management of transport demand in weak areas;
· Definition of the possible mechanisms for the whole re-balance of the internal areas, through new efficiencies of local public transport and through the bettering of services levels;
· Evaluation of the potentiality of a flexible public transport for the reduction of the abandonment of the internal areas
2. New organization of transport services and network development, also with the support of IT tools, aimed at reducing the socio-economical gap existing between the internal zones (mountainous and rural) and the urban areas
· Definition of the processes for implementing the organization and the management of local nets of public transport in order to enable satisfying mobility level;
· Updated and detailed knowledge of the unexpressed and unsatisfied transport demand with special attention to the one coming from weak social branches;
· Examination of the demand of services that create “not ordinary” transport demand;
· Support to the decision-makers for a new organization of services and a new logistic for people transportation;
· Methodological contribution for the identification of the level of essential minimum services coming from reference administrative bodies;
· Implementation of organizational and managerial solutions able to assure a better access to local public transport and a more flexible supplying of the services by the reference bodies;
3. Rationalization of the expenses and optimisation of costs
· Improvement in the supply of transport with the contextual reduction of public financial contribution to local transport system
· Identification of innovative solutions for the modal and freight integration;
· Pre-identification of the cost of services for the users;
· Evaluation of the relationship cost-efficacy of the new service for its validation and replicability.
4. Transferability of models
· Comparison of possible sceneries, arising from models, with the contexts of local systems;
· Replicability of the model in different local systems having homogeneous characteristics and transfer of the new model in the regional and local transport system;
· Transfer of know-how to the services of local public transport among the EU countries;

Examination of the transferability of the models in other similar sectors, as good transportation.

Date of project start 01/01/ 2004
Date of project finalisation 31/12/ 2006
Duration in months 36
Project cost (in €)
ERDF funding Euro 1.100.000,00
Public co-financing (EU partners)
Euro 800.626,00
Private co-financing (EU partners)
Euro 84.486,00
EU funding for Non EU partners (PHARE, CARDS, etc)
Public co-financing (Non EU partners) Euro 8.750,00
Private co-financing (Non EU partners)
TOTAL Euro 1.909.376,00

Through the partnerships of the participating areas, sharing their knowledge and experience, and by bringing together the efforts of representatives of the public and private sectors, TWIST project foresees the establishment of a system of transport that facilitates the access and connection from the disadvantaged zones to those more developed that offer opportunity of commercial exchanges, employment and social assistance.TWIST foresees first of all a system of analysis of the demand of public transport in the interested areas and of the supply, if existing (net of infrastructures and services); The project aims as well to a reduction of the times of re-conversion and reorganisation of a local net of public transport and of the related costs, with implementation of know-how and technologies. Moreover TWIST aims at the harmonisation of the local public transport to the Europeans qualitative and safety standards. The final target of TWIST activities will be the transferability of the set up models in every region with analogous characteristics, presenting inside zones and presence of weak demand.In the carrying out of the activities of the project the following described methodology will be used. First of all, there will be an exchange of know-how between the partners about the documents, procedures, laws and experience of similar transport system. In a second moment (WP2) additional information will be gathered. Consequently it will be produced the planning of the systems which will be implemented in the involved areas (Pilot Projects of WP4). In the last phase the results of the experimentations will be checked and discussed within the decisional contexts of project (Steering Committee). Finally, the datas and analysis gathered and included in the Guidelines produced by the project will be transferred to the authorities with the aim to provide suggestions and support for future political strategies. The main objective of project TWIST is the sharing of a transnational strategy for the territory development, which suggests the way for improving and optimizing the management of transport system responding to the needs and compare regional differences. This common transnational strategy will try to achieve the shared goals and to overcoming of common problematic among the partner regions.

Territory concerned: location of project activities (NUTS II)

List of partners

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