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This measure is aimed to the implementation of mobility management integrated policies involving local companies and to the creation of Mobility Offices within the companies. Events, seminar and training courses for personnel will be organized. All the activities will be hosted and managed in a Mobility Centre.

Objectives/ Innovative aspects

A Mobility Centre (involving all local partners) will be created aimed at integrating transport planning strategies and coordinating the implementation of mobility management measures for companies and organizations participating in Smile. It will provide support to the public, but also to municipal offices, university, hospital and transport companies. The Mobility Centre will also be supervisor for training activities of the managers of the different Mobility Offices.

The measures

The Mobility Centre will have a location in the town centre of Potenza, in a site with good accessibility and visibility. Mobility Offices will be placed within major traffic generators and will refer to local Mobility Manages acting under the supervision of the Mobility Centre. Mobility Plans will concern commuting trips and business travel between different sites and will lead to the proposal of possible sustainable alternatives to current, wrong, travel behaviours. Mobility Centre functions are information (car pooling, DRTS, mobility), management mobility web site, management of public transport, traffic monitoring centre and road safety.

Mobility Offices in at least 4 local companies with the appointment of the respective Mobility Managers. Realization of 4 Transfer home-to-work Plans for the employees of the involved companies.

Organization of different events including a Mobility Day within Smile framework aimed at giving an adequate visibility about the theme of sustainable mobility. Project partners, public authorities and delegates from the main organizations involved will participate in this initiative.

Implementation status

Mobility Centre organization, site individualisation, study of the Mobility Centre layout M 1-21
Training Courses for Mobility Managers M 20
Presentation of the Mobility Centre to the press M 21
Mobility Office M 21
Activation of Centre, measures coordination M 22-32
Mobility Day M 28
Opening of the Mobility Centre M 33-48

(Expected) Results

The realization of Mobility Offices will allow the single company or organization to sensitising employees about sustainable mobility themes and helping them to change wrong travel behaviours through the implementation of local Mobility Plan.

* Increased use of PT, reduced use of private vehicles
* Increased use of alternative modes
* Increased efficiency of urban mobility


Mancusi Katia
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The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative

CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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