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INFOPOINT is the internet accessible tool developed by ATAC that combines PT and Park&Ride routing calculations, multimodal choices, time table information, search of addresses, points of interest, etc. Within MIRACLES, it has been improved, especially the sections on multimodal choices; information can now be accessed also through mobile devices.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

ATAC, the local Agency for Mobility in Rome, has taken advantage of the CIVITAS initiative to improve the information provided via the web through INFOPOINT. This is the internet accessible tool developed by ATAC, that combines PT and Park & Ride routing calculations, multimodal choices, time table information, search of addresses, points of interest, etc.

The measures

To improve Public Transport a high level of information has to be provided.
By implementing an on-line, multimodal information system, PT services are quickly identifiable and the user can easily combine and integrate them for personalised journey planning. The integration of web technologies and increased PT services supply aims to provide added value to public transport services.

Implementation status

During the first two years of the MIRACLES Project, ATAC worked to enrich the information already provided on the web-site through INFOPOINT, by improving the sections on public transport systems and multimodal choices.

In January 2004 a new INFOPOINT interface for cycle lanes was made available, in order to increase modal choice for citizens and to add a new element in calculating journeys. This was developed through surveying the territory and existing maps, and taking pictures of the pathways. This information can now be accessed via the Internet. Information on the accessibility of bus stops has also been added for some lines, and the accessible bus/tram platforms are described and depicted.

In addition to the multilingual website (available in five languages), delivery of on line information to citizens and tourists has been extended through the installation of 5 experimental public kiosks for which an “ad hoc” user friendly interface has been developed. Five suitable locations were identified across the territory, and the kiosk trials are currently running.

Information on mobility can be accessed through commonly used mobile devices, such as mobile phones and PDA. Within MIRACLES, INFOPOINT has been used to provide information both via SMS/MMS and also via WAP/GPRS. Trials were carried out for both of these services. In order to trial the SMS/MMS service, a sample of users was recruited via completion of a questionnaire on the ATAC web site, in September 2003. As soon as the trial started, a discussion forum was established for the users. Feedback from this forum helped to improve the service. The SMS/MMS experimentation was concluded in March 2004.

Following this first trial, information was also made accessible by mobile phones endowed with the WAP service. Following the initial phase of this service, further developments and improvements have been made, e.g. a colour interface. ATAC has now been pointed out on the WURFL web site ( as being the first PT company to use multi serve maps to mobile users.

(Expected) results

Further improvements to and development of the WAP service are being implemented. This will lead to the achievement of: a new multi-protocol interface (WAP2, XHTML, I-MODE), a new multidevice (mobile phones, PDA, Smartphone, ecc) and multi-lingual (5 languages) interface.

The new application was made available from May 2005.


Ieradi Michele
M i c h e l e . i e r a d i @ a t a c . r o m a . i t

The above project is part of the CIVITAS - MIRACLES initiative.
CIVITAS - MIRACLES is a project that assembles four major European cities: Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Winchester (United Kingdom) and Cork (Ireland). The Miracles project answer the call of the European Commission for increasing the urban transport system's sustainability and efficiency through radical strategies for Clean Urban Transport.

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