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Bicycles reconditioned for Stefan Voda

Project summary

With the help of 'Pedals for Progress' (P4P) from New Jersey, USA, Rural21, a Moldovan Sustainable Development NGO, has received three shipments of used bicycles, parts & accessories (bikes totalling 1,336), collected in the US by P4P. The bikes have then been reconditioned or fitted in Moldova, in a Rural21 facility (a fitting shop arranged especially for the P4P project). After fitting, bikes are sold at comparably low prices. The entire income generated goes towards the implementation and elaboration of other projects by Rural21; environmentally oriented, or any other that conform with Rural21's mission, i.e. sustainable development of the region.

The Man Who fits the Bikes by Andrei Rusanovschi

He started repairing old Soviet bikes in his apartment to earn money for food. He built up his skill of talent and sweat. Bikes have changed his way of life and he changed the way bikes run across Stefan Voda and, ultimately, across Moldova.

Stefan Voda is a small city, situated not far from the Black Sea, and not too far from the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, but far enough to have its unique salt and quietness.

Since ’91, after the fall of Soviet Union, many aspects of Moldova’s infrastructure were ruined, including the roads and public services.
Stefan Voda’s public transport system has never been petted; by anybody. The system has simply never existed. That is why bikes play such an important role in communicating the so-called private sector with the center of the town.

In Stefan Voda the bikes shop is accommodated in the building of Maria Biesu School of Arts. Walking down the steps to the bikes’ atelier one feels little by little the smell of rubber. The smell have already became characteristic and is readily associated with bikes—no other place in Stefan Voda has that many and such a big variety of them. Everyone knows “if you want good bikes at good prices, go the store at the basement.”

The atelier, once a messy and unorganized place, now looks like it found a master. The room that once was too small to house two hundred bikes is now transformed into a neat bike store and a fitting shop, accommodating four hundred plus bikes of different sizes, models and function.

When you enter the atelier you see an energetic guy, always busy with fitting the bikes and making the place he is working in better. Even from bikes rests, inventing his own modifications and fitting them, Valeriu makes bikes virtually from nothing. Let alone fitting bikes in such a good condition that came with the third shipment from the Pedals for Progress.

To a big extent, it is due to Valeriu that the Moldova #3 project became possible, or at least potentially viable, says Vitalie Rusanovschi, director of Center “Rural21”—the NGO that administrates the project in Moldova. Valeriu started repairing bikes in his small one-bedroom apartment.

“I never thought I would deal with bicycles on the professional level,” says Valeriu. “I just liked riding them when I was little. And, as a kid, I always liked to see what’s inside.”

After the Army I had to choose what direction to take, says Valeriu. I decided to go further with my education and studied automobiles. While studying in Chisinau, fate brought me together with a bike service center. This is when I began to study the subtleties of bike mechanics.

Now he works with Center “Rural21”, the regional NGO promoting democracy, healthy life style and sustainable development. Pedals for Progress project is running in Moldova for the third time. The previous two shipments made essential improvements to the public transport infrastructure. It is readily visible when coming to the town.

“[I could instantly] see that Stefan Voda is now much better [equipped with] bikes than ever before,” says Mark Skelton, the Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova who was the first to contact Pedals for Progress Company in 2002, bringing to life the shipment from USA of the first container of bikes. Mark visited Stefan Voda during the second week of August 2005. It has been two years since he finished his duty in Moldova with Peace Corps.

“I am impressed how Valeriu has organized his workplace,” says Mark. “It is neat and well structured, and it seems he improves it every second,” says Mark after having a half-a-day visit to the bikes’ store.

“The best gratitude for me would be the bike I fit to never come back for repair,” says Valeriu. “I will just welcome them at least once a year for maintenance work.”

With Pedals for Progress project, proved to be sustainable and a long lasting relationship, and with Valeriu Soloviov responsible for the fitting process, we will fill Moldova up with reliable, environment friendly means of transport—bicycles, said Center “Rural21” director, Vitalie Rusanovschi.

Center Rural 21

Pedals for Progress

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