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GP/OP: Conversion of public transport diesel buses to CNG alternative fuel - Macedonia PDF Print E-mail

Technical solution for conversion of standard diesel buses to CNG are under implementation in the city with the aim of increasing the use of alternative fuels, thus reducing emissions and pollution

Skopje, capital of Macedonia, is an ideal place to start discovering Macedonia. The city is home to over 600,000 inhabitants and a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a place where many roads and cultures have met. Skopje is a modern city combining contemporary architecture with a well preserved and restored old city.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

With this measure, the city of Skopje aims to reduce oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as carbon footprint of public transport and other public vehicles, and the overall use of fuels. Measurement tests on the levels of emissions will accompany the implementation of this measure.

During the project, part of the conventional diesel buses used for urban transport will be converted/retrofitted to Clean Fuels.
The goal of this measure is to develop a technical solution for conversion of standard diesel buses to CNG. A total of 12 public transport buses are to be converted and put into operation. This measure would help to reduce the pollution from public transport buses as well as to reduce the operational cost and need for expensive fuel.

All such objectives are addressed to the overall enhancement of quality of life for all RENAISSANCE cities citizens and visitors (e.g. tourists, business, commuters, etc).

The Measure

This measure will demonstrate activities related to CIVITAS Plus Measure - Increasing the use of Clean vehicles and the integration of such vehicles within the actual transport system - in the city of Skopje.

Skopje will implement/install specific equipments for the conversion of 12 diesel buses to clean fuels. The demonstrative vehicles will run in historic/tourist areas of the city in order to make such sites more attractive, preserving cultural heritage and enhancing quality of like for citizens and residents by using clean fuels/vehicles.

The city of Skopje is well aware of the importance of such a measure and has already included in its own strategic plans the implementation of innovative systems and use of clean fuels and the integration of retrofitted vehicles into the traditional PT system.

Implementation Status

The measure will be implemented through several activities such as: research, analysis and development of technical solution for converting diesel buses to CNG; testing and technical approval of the converted buses; technical and market evaluation on the implementation of CNG and promotion and public campaign of clean public transport vehicles.

(Expected) Results

The expected general results of implementation of this measure can be described as:

  • Reducing pollution from public transport vehicles
  • Improving the image and attractiveness of the public transport
  • Promoting clean vehicles, by converting 12 diesel buses to CNG fuel
  • Reducing operations costs - fuel costs

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