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GP/OP: Introduction of AVL system for the public transport vehicles and the real-time passenger information at bus stops - Macedonia PDF Print E-mail

AVL_system_for_the_public_transport_measure_462_large_enInnovative technologies in the public transport service will be implemented by introducing the system for automatic location of vehicles and the system for real-time passenger information at bus stops

Skopje, capital of Macedonia, is an ideal place to start discovering Macedonia. The city is home to over 600,000 inhabitants and a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a place where many roads and cultures have met. Skopje is a modern city combining contemporary architecture with a well preserved and restored old city.


Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Skopje, together with the other RENAISSANCE cities, recognises the importance of encouraging mobility management strategies and awareness campaign. Such strategies are vital in order to raise transport demand and knowledge about innovation and strategies implemented by the city for their economic, social and cultural growth and competitiveness.

As such, Skopje will implement and demonstrate - in specific corridors, areas, or limited zones of the city - integrated and innovative solutions for a better circulation of traffic jams. This will reduce barriers to the use of Public Transport, since residents and visitors will be informed of the transport options available to them, thanks to the introduction of new sustainable transport information provision.

The main objective of this measure is to introduce the innovative technologies in the public transport service by bringing in a system for automatic location of vehicles and the system for real-time passenger information at bus stops.

The public transport service has significantly deteriorated over the last two decades. The service reliability as well as the attractiveness of public transport has sharply declined. The number of passengers per year, carried by the public transport operator has decreased from 150 000 000 in 1989 to only 45 000 000 in 2007. On the other side, the use of private vehicles has greatly increased, resulting in increasing of traffic congestion and pollution.

Therefore, the need to improve the public transport system is obvious.
Local governments have recognised these problems and are now working to help the public transport system.

The measure is in compliance with Skopje’s strategy for development of public transport system by 2018 and with the policy for development of sustainable urban transport system.

The application of Authomatic vehicle location (AVL) systems and the system for real time information of public transport passengers, though widely implemented in many world’s cities, it is not known in Macedonia.

Therefore, this project measure will help the introduction of technical and expert knowledge for application of these new technologies in Macedonian cities, too.

Skopje will use the knowledge and experience from other RENESSAINCE partners to set up a vehicle tracking and real time passenger information system using the GALILEO satellite system. The GALILEO system will be integrated into a complete telematic system capable of locating a vehicle and integrating with existing technologies for traffic management traveller services such as Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) on street and via other services such as WEB, WAP, SMS, 3G and other applications as they become available. A dual mode system based on both the US ‘Global Positioning System’ and the Galileo System will be used to provide a public transport vehicle location and track-and-trace feature that should allow a more accurate real time passenger information service.

Implementation Status

The implementation of this measure will go through:

  • Research and development including: review of the relevant literature as well as experience from our partner and other European cities, review of available technologies, selection of technology and technical solution (definition of the hardware and software).
  • Implementation & demonstration by including the selection of two public transport lines and eight bus stops for demonstration purposes. Also, the installation of the equipment and its testing will be performed.
  • Evaluation of the implemented technology will be undertaken in terms of the expected increased service reliability and increased ridership.

(Expected) Results


The expected general results of implementation of this measure can be described as:

  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Provision of priority public transport vehicles’ measures or the environmentally friendly transport modes (cycling)

The expected goals to be achieved are:

  • Reduction of travel time losses in the city centre
  • Increase of level-of-service at the city centre intersections
  • Reduction of the emissions of CO, CO2, SO2, NMVOC and SP
  • Reduction of fuel consumption

Ana Gruevska


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