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Traffic management and control centre enable the traffic control managers to monitor and control traffic in real time by getting real time traffic information on the RENAISSANCE corridor.

Skopje, capital of Macedonia, is an ideal place to start discovering Macedonia. The city is home to over 600,000 inhabitants and a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a place where many roads and cultures have met. Skopje is a modern city combining contemporary architecture with a well preserved and restored old city.


Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The main objective of this measure is to help alleviate the heavy traffic congestion and pollution in the city centre of Skopje by establishing a traffic management and control centre.

The Control Centre will use new technologies and telematics systems for traffic management and traveller services through the GALILEO applications, already under implementation in all RENAISSANCE cities..

The Measure

Skopje city centre has been particularly burdened with traffic problems, such as traffic congestion and pollution. Several intersections operate near or over capacity, which results in traffic congestion and considerable travel time losses. At the same time, the public transport vehicles are jammed on overloaded traffic lanes, thus operating at considerably lower commercial speed and giving lower level of quality service.
In order to face these problems, Skopje is introducing a traffic management and control centre, which will be the first in its genre in the Republic of Macedonia.

This measure should animate traffic experts and domestic companies to manufacture traffic control equipment based on modern technologies that support ITS. It will control traffic through vehicle -actuated traffic signals, variable message signs, thus creating a system of automatic traffic management. The ultimate goal is to enable better and efficient integration between the Traffic centre and the management of all transport modes.

This measure is in compliance with other measures taken by the city of Skopje aimed at alleviating traffic problems, such as the city centre parking action programme as well as the undertaken measures for increasing capacity on several key city transport corridors.
With the implementation of telematics systems and the integration between transport and traffic centres, RENAISSANCE cities will be less congested (thanks to PT priorisation, speed cameras, etc), more secure (thanks to surveillance and pedestrian monitoring system) and with a more efficient transport system.

Implementation Status

This measure will be implemented through:

  • The phase of research and development, which will include the review of experiences of other cities, data collection and analysis, the definition and selection of technologies - hardware, software and communications.
  • The implementation phase, which will include the establishment of traffic management and control centre, the definition of traffic control strategy, the implementation of traffic control, by putting the hardware and software equipment in operation.
  • Evaluation of the traffic management and control centre equipment as well as the traffic control strategy.
  • Training & dissemination for traffic management and control centre.

(Expected) Results

The expected general results of implementation of this measure can be described as:

  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Provision of priority public transport vehicles’ measures or the environmentally friendly transport modes (cycling)

The expected goals to be achieved are:

  • Reduction of travel time losses in the city centre
  • Increase of level-of-service at the city centre intersections
  • Reduction of the emissions of CO, CO2, SO2, NMVOC and SP
  • Reduction of fuel consumption

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