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Project description

In the last ten years the number of motor vehicles in Montenegro has grown far faster than the population and at a far greater rate than the existing road system can absorb. Thus, road traffic, particularly passenger cars, is today one of the driving contributors to air pollution problems in Montenegro, especially in the urban areas, and is an increasing source of CO emissions. In the absence of a national policy and well-planned strategy for the development of an environmentally sustainable transport system, there have been numerous problems related to the transport and environment in Montenegro. The of this project would be to undertake a strategic evaluation of the environmental impacts of transport, based on a multimodal approach, in order to define the optimal solution for future transport infrastructure needs in Montenegro. The project will provide the basis for developing a long-term 'Strategy on sustainable transportation system in Montenegro' and will lead to a transport system integrated with the development of human settlements and the spatial development of the territory of Montenegro. The project will be implemented in three linked phases: the evaluation of the impact of the country's transport infrastructure; an assessment of the impacts of traffic on the environment; and the definition and implementation of activities and measures to achieve the goal of developing an environmentally sustainable transport system.

Project Co-ordinators

The project is coordinated by Ms. Biljana DJUROVIC , Department for Environment Quality, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,
Ms. Jelisavka JELOVAC and Ms. Vesna JOVOVIC, Department for Transport, Ministry of Maritime
and Transport, 81000 Podgorica, FRY Montenegro.

Prof Dr Mitar CVOROVIC
Department for Transport
Faculty of Civil Engineering

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