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is a town with a population of almost 40,000 people situated in the Drawskie Lake District, in the northern province of Zachodniopomorskie Pomerania. The city's stunning location between two lakes, the smaller Trzesiecko Lake, with a beautiful park spanning its shore and Wielimie Lake, draws countless tourists.

Szczecinek is a town in Middle Pomerania, northwestern Poland. A tourism centre, Szczecinek promotes active recreation, particularly cycling, however, the cycling network is still not well-developed.

Currently, the City Council is undertaking efforts towards commercialisation with the intention of communalising the Public Automotive Communication Company (PPKS). The strategy of the city for the coming years strongly focuses on the development of tourism infrastructure in Szczecinek. Tourist services, facultative excursions, as well as the planned development of international tourism requires an expansion of existing bus stock.

Szczecinek is a major town and a seat of chief local and subregional offices and institutions (Town Office, District Office, Tax Office, court, hospital, banks, etc.). The town is an important industrial (with wood, electronic, agricultural and food industries), tourism and cultural center for the Drawskie Lake District. While multiple secondary schools with long-standing traditions attract young people from neighboring towns and villages. Well-fitted sports facilities are the venue for sports events and recreational activities at regional, subregional and national levels.

The main source of employment is for local companies, service providers, schools and various offices. The unemployment rate, although high, is considerably lower than in neighboring municipalities.

Szczecinek provides complete technical infrastructure and the town offers investors a number of plots for the construction of tourist facilities.

Szczecinek, as seen by more and more tourists, is a beautiful place worth visiting. The lake situated in the center of the town is not only big, but also relatively clean and full of fish. The central promenade, well-preserved municipal park with an abundance of lanes and the forests in the vicinity are well known for their beauty.

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