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Gdansk_Mobility_management_ad_and_promo_measure_679_large_enIn order to make people live in more active way, we have to give them tools. By creating safer, wider and secure bikeway infrastructure we'll be on our way to achieving another goal: to make the people move and help them start up a recognisable cycling community.





Gdansk is the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland, and with its over 455 thousand people is also one of the cities of the highest population density in Poland. The city has a unique advantage as the centre of Poland's sea trade. It has lovely Old Town, full of charming cafes, and it is great place for people to live.

 Objectives / Innovative Aspects


High Level Objectives

-This action concerns developing safe and secure road infrastructure for all road users and creating the right conditions of safety for promoting cycling as an alternative to the motor car. This will be achieved by:


 Specific Measure objectives

-New junction designs
-Design of streets and pavement / pedestrian walkway areas
-Improvement of infrastructure for cycling and walling along a sea shore corridor ( Jantarowa Street to Brzeznienski Park.
-Better integration with the nearby city centre.

The Measure

Such concerns about safety at junctions and in recreation areas are relatively new in post-communist Poland. Previously the emphasis was on provision of infrastructure without too much concern for safety, or what people thought of it. This demonstrator will enable evaluation of the impact infrastructure improvements coupled with information campaigns can have on actual behaviours as well as feelings of safety and well-being.
Implementation Status
Management activities include supervising and reporting on measure progress and finances, organising and facilitating meetings with the involved partners and stakeholders, fostering communication with the other projects of the CIVITAS Initiative involved in related activities, acting as a single point of reference and conduit for anyone necessitating information on the measure. In doing so, the measure manager will report to the city manager.
-For the road junctions there will be a study of road safety / cycle safety requirements.
-Following this and with reference to best practice studies in other countries there will be
-new and improved intersection design and traffic management for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists
-Following this study the necessary small infrastructure works will be carried out.
-At the recreation area itself there will be small infrastructure works to improve safety and attractiveness.
-Measures will include segregation of cyclists and walkers, signs, new secure cycle parking areas and control mechanisms to limit cyclist speed at junctions and other congested areas.
-Cycle rental of the new ‘City Bike’ (see measure 6.1)
-The aim will be to create an INTEGRATED RECREATION AREA providing facilities not just for walkers and cyclists but also skate - boarders. A study of recreation needs will be carried out. It is hoped that this work will lead to the possibility of a branded recreation area such as may be seen in many areas of France.
 -Evaluation will be of user needs prior to implementation of the works. User reactions as well as observation of traffic flow will occur both before and after implementation. CCTV monitoring will be installed at the car park adjacent to the junction. This car park will be prioritized for ‘bike and ride’ users, i.e. for people who have often come from afar to park and have the benefit of the use of the extensive cycle ways. (Bike & Ride programme 2007.
-The implementation process will comprise a state of the art review, augmented by user needs and preference surveys.
Following the ‘building of the infrastructure, other facilities and engagement with local traders a period of promotion and awareness raising will precede evaluation of reactions and usage
-Before and after surveys:
-Direct observation of behaviours
-Attitudinal surveys
-Accident statistics
-Cycle rental statistics
-This measure will also draw on data collected in relation to
-Recreation area (4.4)
-New city bike (6.1
Usage rates before and after counts of pedestrian, cycle and other recreational usage), vehicle counts, accident statistics and attitudinal surveys in conjunction with Action 4.4, GDA will liaise with INTR for provision of appropriate dissemination materials and information
Expected results:
The expected outputs are:
Quantitative results
-Survey of attitudes shows 20% minimum in favour of new measures
-Survey of perceptions of safety shows 40% feelings of greater safety
Verifiable results
-Use of recreation area increased by 10%
-Incidence of accidents reduced by 50%



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