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city_CraiovaWhile we all enjoy cars, trains, and planes, it is now time to think how we can reduce their impacts on the environment, on people´s health and on the safety of our planet. Under the motto “Save ourselves by energy savings”, the city of Craiova will contribute to the debate by implementing actions that will reduce energy consumptions

"Craiova is one of most beautiful cities, is the city of our hearts! Here we remember that we survived at all it was worse in time, we are happy here; here we complain and here we plan together the future." (Antonie SOLOMON, Mayor of Craiova)

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The transport on the main east-west axis of Craiova is made up of 26 old trams, with electric system conception and infrastructure that date back to 1985. For this reason, the electric transport of Craiova needs to be improved and renovated. More importantly, exploitation costs should be reduced, while increasing at the same time safety and comfort of passengers.

The main objective of this measure is to decrease the electrical consumption for the 9 old trams by 40% by using innovative electronic chopper system, and to increase the transport capacity by putting into operation of the old trams. More than 4.5 million passengers / year will benefit from the transport services that offer the new trams restored to the public transport system.

The Measure

The evolution of technology based on energy consumption has followed a spectacular route but every step has brought negative effects that have accumulated in time and that have become visible for the majority of policy makers only in the last two decades.

The city of Craiova is committed to reduce its transport emissions by cutting energy consumption levels on its tramlines. The public transport with trams is more and more encouraged since the tram system has a great passenger transport capacity; it doesn´t suffer from traffic congestion, and in addition is not a direct source of environmental pollution in urban areas.

Currently, the city of Craiova has 36 tramways and 36 km of tram tracks. Of these, 27 are operational and ensure the transport of passengers between the east and the west of the city. The other 9 have not been used any longer, since they have high electrical consumption. Craiova will replace them with a system of electronic action (chopper), so that they could be used again with low power consumption.

Implementation Status

The following activities are planned:

Research activities:

Planning and design of the measure:

  • Study of chopper system, use by other countries, which already developed it
  • Analysis and data process

Project of electronic chopper system for trams:

  • Search the resources and conditions to produce the chopper system in Craiova

Demonstration activities:

  • Testing of chopper electronic operation system for 1 tram (prototype) and subcontracting company for chopper production and installation
  • Chopper system operating

Training activities:

  • Drivers training periodically (yearly); technicians’ training involved in chopper system maintenance

Evaluation activities:

  • Electric energy consumption level
  • Evaluation of the following parameters
    • reduction of electric energy consumption (%) 
    • increase of comfort (no. pass. / m2 ) 
    • safety of travel (no. accidents / year) 
    • exploitation cost (considering that with the chopper system, the starting and stopping of the tram are very soft)

Dissemination activities:

  • Organisation of 3 seminars (start, mid, end of the project), with international participants, focused on East Europe Countries which have financial difficulties in achieve new trams
  • Mass media presentations, every six months.

(Expected) Results

Tangible output:

  • 9 trams endowed with chopper system.

Expected output:

  • to reduce the electric power consumption by 40% for the trams endowed with choppers.
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