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E-ticketing is helping to reduce fraud and enhance travellers’ experience, while enabling mass transit operators to roll out new revenue generating services. Across the globe, computerised ticketing is replacing the classic systems. By using e-ticketing technology, passengers can now board buses and trams quickly and simply

city_Craiova"Craiova is one of most beautiful cities, is the city of our hearts! Here we remember that we survived at all it was worse in time, we are happy here; here we complain and here we plan together the future." (Antonie SOLOMON, Mayor of Craiova)




measure_552_large_enObjectives / Innovative Aspects

The implementation of the new e-ticket will guarantee more secure rides and will help to reduce fraud, which is now a very common problem in the public transport in Craiova.

This new system, which will align Craiova to the European Union legislation, will make Craiova a better place to live, more reliable and more secure.

40 trams will be endowed with e-ticketing system, which will enable to track passengers’ profile and their needs and as a result to optimise traffic management in the city by fixing best routes as a result of the data provided.

The possibility to integrate 2 transport systems (trams and bus) under one common ticketing system represents also an innovative aspect of the proposed measure.

The final goal of the measure is to increase the public transport capacity through a better management, without the need to increase the number of vehicles in circulation.

The Measure

Currently in Craiova traffic management is based on radio frequency emitter-reception data, which make difficult to control and manage public transport. Route planning, and scheduling of the frequency of public transport has a no proper scientific basis and this can involve delays, and traffic management disorders.

The current system amplifies the impact of frauds and results in a wide and common mistrust towards public transport.

E-ticketing system will help to improve the company management system and to optimise bus and tram traffic in Craiova. 4 validation devices and 1 front panel computer will be introduced in each of the 40 tramways.

One GPS module will be installed at headquarters to improve the ticketing system, passenger’s data collection and monitoring.

Implementation Status

The implementation of the measure will include research, dissemination, training, demonstration and evaluation activities. During a pilot period of 4 months, 10 trams will be endowed with e-ticketing system and will be tested in parallel with the classic system. The system will be then extended to all 40 trams.

The research activity is the first step in this project and it consists of a general study about the e-ticketing system in Craiova and about its economic and technical parameters.

The next step is to demonstrate the utility of the e-ticketing in Craiova and to determine how this is going to affect the public and the transport in the city. The importance of phase is to observe whether there is consistency between the objectives of the project and the objectives of the general public. Demonstration activities also include data collection.

The next step is the pilot installation of the system in 10 trams. The system will be then extended to all 40 trams. In parallel, technicians will be trained on how to operate with the new system.

A final report on the measures and its implementation will be developed at the end of the project.

(Expected) Results

The tangible result is to endow 40 trams with e-ticketing system.


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