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GP: Planning for Alternative Transport Modes - Romania PDF Print E-mail

Improve the urban image and protect urban landscape by designing pedestrian routes and cycling ways.


Ploiesti City is located in the south of Romania, 60 Km North of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Ploiesti is the capital of Prahova County, and is located south of the Sub-Carpathian hills and northwest of the confluence point of two main rivers, Prahova and Teleajen.



Objectives / Innovative Aspects


  •  Implementation of a Cycling path from some satellite villages to Ploiesti (facilitate access between Ploiesti and suburban area);
  • Creating and improving some pedestrian routes between focus points in residential areas
  • Improve safety, quality of urban lifeReduce pollution and promote a healthy urban manner of life;
  • Improve urban image and protect urban landscape.

The Measure

The necessity of planning and designing pedestrian routes and cycling ways arise from the existing situation, respectively:

  • No facilities for cycling even a demand for dedicated infrastructures exists
  • Only three short streets for walking are provided
  • Less than 9.00 sqm of green space against 17.00-26.00 sqm according to the standards.

Implementation Status

The main activities which will be carried out in order to implement the measure are:

  • A survey of specific requirements for soft transport for:
    • Collecting data referring to best routes
    • Collecting traffic data (Search Corporation Traffic Study)
    • Tender procedure (conditions of contract and services delivery contract for the strategic scheme design)
    • Elaboration of a strategic scheme for walking and cycling
    • Co-relation between alternative transport modes with public transport
  • Measure implementation will take into consideration also:
    • the know how transfer from partners awareness rising and public participation.

(Expected) Results

  • Pedestrian and cycling audit
  • Strategic plan for alternative transport modes (defining routes for cycling and walking and location for shelters)



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