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Priority measures for public transport - like green light priority or the conversion of shared road space to dedicated PT lanes - can contribute to reducing the travel time differences between private cars and public transport. Making public transport more attractive and more energy efficient due to a better flow

The City of Iasi is located in north-eastern Romania and is the second largest Romanian city, after Bucharest, with a population of 366,000 inhabitants. It is also the center of a metropolitan area, which occupies a surface of 787.87 square kilometers, encompassing a total population of 398,000 inhabitants.


Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Increasing car traffic will increase delays in PT as they share the same road space in Iasi. So far no special priority has been granted to public transport.

The public transport company in Iasi PTI has a Dispatching Centre that monitors all the PT situations in the field. This monitoring system consists of radio stations that equip about 30 transport vehicles, 2 intervention machines and 15 circulation safety inspectors. Any problems or delays are reported on a frequency to the Dispatching Centre which sends this information to intervention machines. Today there are not yet radio stations in all transport vehicles. The communication occurs with the help of an antenna with a signal repeater. The antenna is placed in the city and receives and transmits the information.

The measure is intended to contribute to increasing the quality of PT in Iasi by addressing problems of travel time and reliability, making PT a more attractive and hassle free option.

The Measure

In this measure Iasi will implement a green light priority system within the CIVITAS plus corridor for PT in order to promote a high quality and energy-efficient bus route.

Iasi will define priority routes for public transport vehicles - buses and trams (but also open to taxi-cabs) in the CIVITAS corridor and implement a green light priority system in the CIVITAS corridor for public transport vehicles at 15 signalised intersections.

Implimentation Status

The priority system will be operational from 2010.

ARCHIMEDES will contribute to equipment costs related to signals, planning and monitoring. Equipment will be purchased by September 2009

(Expected) Results

The measure is expected to optimise the main transport traffic, to reduce the time travelling and to develop safe travel for persons with disabilities.

The final selection of evaluation indicators and methodologies will be specified in the final evaluation plan and be based on the interaction with the Support Action on Evaluation.

The first ideas on relevant indicators and methods for this specific measure are:

  • Travel time measurements (bus / private cars)
  • User perception of traffic flow
  • Technical performance of the priority measures (e.g. down-time and response to delayed buses)
  • PT passenger volumes
  • PT energy consumption

Interviews with passengers and car drivers by the Technical University of Iasi TUI are considered for the site evaluation to demonstrate the impacts of the measure. Iasi and PTI will keep track of passenger volumes and impacts on traffic flow.


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