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Modernisation of the whole operational fleet and introduction of new technologies will contribute to reducing noise and air pollution.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

Establish a clean public transport fleet structure, based on low emissions and silent public transport vehicles. Extend the electric vehicle usage in public transport with the aid of the adequate technological and economical support. The use of a clean public transport fleet will lead to low emission levels.

The measures

Bucharest is confronted with major traffic problems, which have negative effects, such as high energy consumption, noise and pollutant emissions. Efforts are made in order to improve the inhabitants’ life by implementing innovative solutions and promoting public transportation. This is an attempt to increase the awareness of environmental problems.

Implementation status

Within the project’s lifetime RATB has increased its operational fleet with 60 new trolley buses endowed with energy saving devices that contributed to the increase of the attractiveness and safety of the public transport.
Since the project started, 8 trams manufactured according to energy consumption diminution and noise reduction objectives were introduced into exploitation. At the same time, in order to increase the tram’s operating efficiency, RATB is continuing the modernisation of the tram infrastructure. During 2004 year approximately 39 km of tram tracks have been rehabilitated in the south-west area of Bucharest.

(Expected) results

The new trolley buses and trams introduction in RATB fleet, together with the replacement of the low energetically effectiveness components for the vehicles that are already operating, led to an approximately 10% diminution of the total energy consumption for electric transport traction.

The new partial low-floor tram is in progress of designing and the prototype will be probably finalized until the end of the year 2005. The modernisation of the tram infrastructure will continue, 33.4 km being programmed for rehabilitation in 2005. The manufacturing of the silent and energy saving trams within the RATB’s Repairing Plant - URAC will continue.


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - TELLUS initiative

CIVITAS - TELLUS has brought together five cities keen to demonstrate that integrated urban transport policies can significantly contribute to fighting today’s traffic problems in Europe: Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Göteborg (Sweden), Gdynia (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania).

Main areas of work:
* increasing the modal share in favour of public transport
* increasing the use of bicycles
* lowering congestion
* reducing traffic related air and noise pollution below national and EC standards
* decreasing inner city car usage
* improving intra-organisational co-operation at city levels
* increasing political and public awareness
* reducing road casualties
* improving public private co-operation

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