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The local General Urban Plan for Suceava City, approved by the Local Council, includes a Traffic and Transport Plan which defines the transport policy for the city. Current planning policy for Suceava places special emphasis on concentrating development and regeneration activities in order to encourage the use of sustainable forms of transport.

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

Measure objectives

The main objectives for this measure will be the reduction of PT emissions, the improvement in quality of local public transport, which might increase the attraction of public transport for people from the adjacent residential areas in order to reduce congestion in the city centre and to improve the quality of life in the city.
Together with investments in new alternative vehicles, Suceava Municipality together with the new PT Company will implement some measures in order to increase the number of passengers by up to 10–12% in 2009.

Innovative aspects

Suceava Municipality will seek to provide a modern public transport system in order to increase the number of passengers, reduce private car utilization in the city centre and at the same time to reduce traffic congestion and traffic pollution in the city.
For the fist time in Suceava special priority at junction or at traffic lights for busses will be implemented (partly funded outside of SMILE budget), a new GPS system for bus location and new ticketing system will be tested. The new buses will have facilities for elderly and disable people.
New public transport security system will be tested (by installing video cameras in one or two intersection close to two bus stations in the city centre). New night bus service to be implemented. There will be measures which will reduce the travel time and will make public transport more attractive.

The measures

During SMILE Project the whole public transport system will be defined in a new modern concept.

The first task will include elaboration of a study – a Public Transport Plan - that will be approved by the Local Council of Suceava City. The Public Transport Plan will define the new measures that will have the aim of increasing the number of passengers by up to 15% until 2008. Following the conclusion of the new Public Transport Plan there will be measures like: Separate routes and priority traffic lights for buses – it is estimated to have new routes for the alternative fuel buses, the “ Eco routes“, that will circulate in the whole city especially between residential areas (also city centre is included in all the routes). New bus priority at peak hours will be tested and implemented in Suceava.

Alternative fuel buses will have permanent access in new LEZs created in the city and this measure will encourage citizens to use public transport if they want to have permanent access in several areas. In order to reduce the duration of journeys there will be special priority for buses at traffic lights and at main junctions located in the most overcrowded areas of the city.

A new integrated ticketing system will be tested and (if successful) implemented till 2008. The innovative idea is to introduce magnetic cards that can be used both in public and private local transport.

In order to monitor and try to create more efficient bus routes into the city, a new GPS system for buses will be tested during the SMILE project.

A new public transport security system will be tested (by installing video cameras in one or two intersections close to two bus stations in the city centre). These cameras will provide information in real time, information which will be used for dissemination or for intervention in case that some disfunction will appear in the public transport system.

Special bus services and facilities for elderly and disabled people – the new alternative buses will have facilities close to European standards regarding elderly and disabled people. This will make public transport accessible for almost all citizens.

New routes for residential areas and for the local tourist attractions – these measures will be implemented starting from first half of 2005 when a new Public Transport Plan will become operational in Suceava . Some of the new separate routes will connect the city centre with several leisure areas in order to encourage people to use public transport instead of their own car when they want to reach various destinations including green areas. This will however be funded outside of SMILE budget.

Introduction and implementation of “park and ride” and “park and walk” concept – new public and private transport systems will be more attractive and will become a convenient alternative for travelling into the city, especially in the city centre and in LEZ created in residential areas. Background for “ park and ride “ concept will be ready at the end of 2006 & so it is estimated that till 2008 the system for parking the car and using public transport could be implemented . This concept is however partly funded outside of SMILE budget, but part of the public transport plan.

There will be new time schedule for bus services in order to have a night bus service and also to have additional buses at the peak hours. One way streets, traffic signs, semaphore and green lights in the city centre to reduce the traffic congestion and the pollution in the city. Traffic signs in the city which will recommend the “ecological and environmental route” for drivers who want to avoid traffic congestion and residential areas. This will contribute to reduction of pollution in the city and it will improve the quality of local transport which might increase the attraction of public transport for people from the adjacent residential areas to reduce congestion in the city centre.

If the demonstration project is successful then improvements in Public Transport will be extended in other residential areas in Suceava and in other cities in Romania.

Summary of risk analysis
Implementation of this measure depends mostly on the successful implementation of new alternative vehicles and successful introduction of a new PT company, so it is expected that if some problems appear during the project these problems will affect also measures 8.8.
The average of local car journeys reduction could not reach the expected level as alternatives like less attractive PT and local access restriction are not sufficient to create a new mentality between drivers from public and private sector.

Implementation Status

Implementation timetable for month 1-18
M 1 – M 6 Performing the Public Transport Plan. Public consultation.
M 6 – M 12 Introduction of new buses with special facilities.
Starting the introduction of separate routes and priority traffic lights for buses.
M 2 – M 18 New public transport security system installation.

Implementation timetable for month 18-40
M 18 – M 21 GPS system for bus location and new ticketing system will be implemented.
M 22 – M 32 Continuance of introduction of separate routes and priority traffic lights for buses.
M 33 – M 40 Evaluation study. Dissemination.

Expected Results

• Confirmation of the environmental contribution of clean and less noisy vehicles
• Reduce local car journey ( with 29 % till 2008)
• Increase the number of passengers ( with 10 – 12% till 2008 )
• Avoid traffic congestions and improve public transport condition


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative

CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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