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Objectives/ Innovative Aspects


Measure objectives
Introduce a number of 15 clean public transport vehicles (using LPG or biogas) in a densely populated city centre.
Reduce public transport emission by 10 – 15 % till 2008.
• Reduction of PT emissions and to improve the quality of life in the city
• Improvement of the quality of local public transport.
• Reduce traffic congestion in the city centre
• Influencing other organisations to using alternative fuel vehicles

Innovative aspects

Optimise the use of LPG (in the first phase) and biogas (in the second phase) locally by clean public transport vehicles that are used in sensitive and densely populated areas in the city centre in order to replace the existing Euro 0 and Euro 1.
After 2007 public transport in Suceava will be performed only with vehicles equipped with Euro 3 engine.
At the end of SMILE project the municipal vehicles which will provide public transport in Suceava city will be:
- 40% of all Euro 3 buses owned by the public transport company will use LPG or biogas as fuel
- 20% of all Euro 3 minibuses (vans) owned by the public transport company will have FPT-systems
New “Eco routes“ will be introduced in Suceava city.

The measures

Introduction of alternative fuel bus fleet will be divided into two stages: LPG buses will be introduced in the first stage (till end of 2007) and followed by introduction of the biogas buses (concurrent with the development of biogas facilities) till the end of 2009. It is expected that introduction of biogas buses will be maybe more difficult and will depend on several factors (bus manufacturer, biogas suppliers, local and national regulation).
Suceava Municipality will purchase 15 buses and minibuses with Euro 3 engines and LPG and possibly biogas fuel. The Local Transport Company (which is owned by Suceava Municipality) will operate these alternative fuel vehicles.

In 2005 Suceava Municipality will purchase 4 new Euro 3 buses. These vehicles will be equipped with facilities for using LPG and will operate in several routes into the city centre and in all residential areas in the city. Four new routes called “ECO routes“ will pass through the whole city, including residential areas and city centre that will be part of new LEZ in Suceava city. The new clean vehicles will replace the existing Euro 0 and Euro 1 buses which are operating in the city centre. The demonstration measure will be supported by awareness activities like on-bus advertising.

In the second phase a possible introduction of biogas public transport vehicles will be linked with the development of a local market for this type of vehicle and also with the facilities for filling. It is expected that until the end of 2009 there will be at least 2 biogas minibuses operated in Suceava.
If the demonstration project is successful the local market for LPG and biogas powered vehicles will increase by 25% - 30% till 2008.

Summary of risk analysis
The financial situation of Suceava Municipality and of the Local Transport Company will determine the overall implementation programme. As the Local Transport Company is a new one (from February 2005) the implementation could be also delayed or more difficult as estimated, because of some problems of communication, decision, responsibilities, fund transfers etc.

As SMILE Project is very innovative it is expected that some technological problems could appear during the implementation. Also implementation of the biogas facilities and the biogas buses could be delayed. The main reasons for this delay are connected with the poor development (almost nonexistent) of the biogas facilities for PT and vehicles in general.

Implementation of “Eco Routes“ could depend also on several stakeholders (shop owners, residents).

Implementation status

Implementation timetable for month 1- 18
M1- M4 Baseline survey and market analysis of existing market for LPG and biogas vehicles.
M4 -M 8 Tendering documentation. Evaluation of tenders. Ordering the first 4 new vehicles.
M 8 - M 9 Design of new 4 “Eco routes“.
M10- M12 Training for new clean vehicles drivers
M13- M15 Receipt of 4 vehicles. Implementation of LPG facilities.
M15 – M18 Introduction of first 4 alternative fuel vehicles in the city public transport.

Implementation timetable for month 18- 48
M19 - M 38 Continuance of introduction of alternative fuel vehicles in the city public transport.
M19 - M 30 Developing of biogas facilities for public transport vehicles.
M 25 - M 35 Receipt of last 2 vehicles. Implementation of biogas facilities.
M38 – M 40 Evaluation study. Public survey
M40 – M 48 National dissemination. Delivery of final evaluation study.

Expected results

• Confirmation of the environmental contribution of clean and less noisy vehicles
• 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emission from bus services
• Demonstration the technical feasibility of using LPG and possibly biogas vehicles in public transport
• Extend the implementation of this measure at national level
• Development of LPG and possibly biogas vehicles market at local and national level
• Avoiding CO2 emissions (40 % reduction)
• Reduced emissions of NOx, PM and CO and noise into the city centre and in residential areas



The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative

CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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