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There is a low and insufficient level of public transport information available at this moment to citizens. The information about routes, time schedule, public transport facilities are in this moment situated at a very low level and not accessible to citizens (on the internet for example). Because of this lack of information the number of passengers is lower than desired level.

realtimetrafficdataObjectives/ Innovative Aspects

Measure objectives
The main objectives for this measure will be the reduction of PT emissions, the improvement of the quality of local public transport which might increase the attractiveness of public transport for people from the adjacent residential areas in order to reduce congestion in the city centre and to improve the quality of life in the city.

The citizens of Suceava city will benefit from a public transport system of European standards by having PT available on the internet, printed timetables, info kiosks, panels and timetables into the PT stations, on the VMS installed into the city centre, at the Mobility Centre located in the Municipality Building .

Increase the number of passengers with 4 – 8 % till 2009.

Innovative aspects
The citizens of Suceava city will be informed about local sustainable mobility opportunities and activities.
The creation of a Suceava Mobility Centre that will provide public transport and traffic information.
The citizens of Suceava will benefit from a public transport system of European standard.
VMS ( variable messages signs ) will be implemented in the city in order to provide information both of pollution levels and of public transport.

Implementation Status

Implementation timetable for months 1-18
M 7- M 9 Dissemination of bus timetable for buses and other promotion and information materials.
M 9- M 11 The creation of a Mobility Centre in Suceava.
M 10- M 16 Performing a study for measures that could increase the security and safety in PT.
M 11- M 16 Public transport information available on internet.
M13- M18 Start the installation of VMS.

Implementation timetable for months 19- 22
M 19- M 22 Promotion campaign of information about improved public transport.
Finalize the installation of VMS. Update public transport information on internet.
M 19- M 22 Performing the evaluation report.

Expected results

Expected results
• Increase the number of passengers
• Provide public transport information in real time
• Make public transport more attractive
• Reduce traffic emission and promote alternative fuel vehicles


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative

CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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