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RENAISSANCE cities are five historic cities from across Europe that are in the vanguard of sustainable development.The cities are in sites having in common strong reliance on heritage and tourism, which must marry environmental concerns and mobility, with economic development.The cities also face unique local and regional challenges.

Description of work
The Civitas Renaissance project, which our city participates in, is another stage of this European community initiative. Apart from Szczecinek, there are also four other cities: Perugia, Bath, Skopje and Gorna Oriahovitsa. Currently, the CIVITAS programme, apart from the Renaissance project, includes 8 independent projects with similar nature and profile: Miracles, Vivaldi, Mobilis, Success, Smile, Caravel, Trendsetter, Tellus. 42 European cities and a few hundred partner support institutions are involved in the execution of programme tasks. The project execution was spread out over four years, and is to be completed on 15th September 2012.
Expected Results and Exploitation Plans

RENAISSANCE has an innovative approach in all demonstration measures as from the following areas:

"Energy and Environmental Innovations"
Through the large-scale use of bio-diesel as public/private fleets fuel, RENAISSANCE demonstrates the exploitation of locally produced fuels have no contribution to the greenhouse effect. Bio-diesel have positive effects on the local city environments by providing reductions in CO and NOx also.The mutual positive effects of RENAISSANCE ICT-solutions implemented, of the retrofitted clean vehicles and increased clean public transport will improve mobility of people.

"Technical Innovation"
RENAISSANCE will demonstrate use of the “second generation” of clean vehicles. Fleets of vehicles, buses running on biofuels, bio-diesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), methane and electricity will run during the project. Strong efforts will also be put into getting a well functioning second hand market for clean vehicles.
New forms of ICT use will be demonstrated, including real-time information about road congestion, available parking spaces and public transport schedules.

"Organisational innovation"
Co-operation between many partners at the local and European level is important in RENAISSANCE as an integrated approach to problem solving. This will give added value effects making possible to evaluate results of many different measures converging into the same target. RENAISSANCE gives partners who never worked together a chance to find new areas of co-operation and new models for innovative services that will result in large emission reductions.

"Innovative pricing policies and payment technologies"
RENAISSANCE will have the unique chance to convoy the experience of Bath in the UK charging scheme as a measure of sound relevance in innovative pricing policies. The use of several innovative systems for public transport pricing as well parking pricing will be fundamental as from measure description forms. Smart cards for public transport will make it easier for passengers to purchase tickets, differentiated pricing for parking in city centres will manage demand, and rebates will provide incentives for clean vehicles.

"Political process innovation"
RENAISSANCE will be a showcase of the quantifiable effects of political decisions on the local transportation situation for historic cities. Decision-makers are a target group for dissemination on RENAISSANCE results. The planned meetings of political decision makers will provide the forum to discuss the results.

"Transport system management innovation"
Innovative techniques for collecting data on traffic situations, and new ways of presenting this information, will be demonstrated in RENAISSANCE. The methods for information will be adapted to the chosen target group. The integration of data from different sources (operational management for public transport, traffic management for individual traffic and parking information) is combined to an innovative transport system management for all modes and distributed in new channels.

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