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INTERACTION will directly work on energy use reduction potential identification and implementation in 3 sectors of industry per country and 5 active companies per sector. In total 6 countries are involved, so 90 companies will be reached directly.
A basic standard project approach has been developed which will be applied in each country in the sectors of industries. Besides that a very important part of INTERACTION is focused on the international dimension through sharing of best practices, identification of cross-border reduction potentials and the creation of European awareness.
Measures to be identified and implemented at individual companies will comprise reduction of delivery frequency, adjustment of loading units, adjustment of vehicle technology, optimisation of planning systems, introduction of clean vehicles, etc. Measures will also be identified for groups of companies through collaboration between companies (e.g. bundling of loads, swapping of goods), international collaboration (e.g. common warehouse abroad), development of standards (e.g. clean vehicles, larger loading units), etc. In the plans to be developed for the different industry sectors also attention will be paid to opportunities for translating the national results to the EU level.

Contact details

Participating countries

The Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria

The project outlined above was submitted under the 2005 call for proposals of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme and has successfully passed the evaluation. It is therefore very likely to start in late 2006 or early 2007.
The information provided is of a provisional nature and given for information purposes only. It does not bind legally any of the involved parties.


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