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GP: MOVE - International Cluster for Mobility Management Development and Research Dissemination- Bulgaria PDF Print E-mail
Contract number: EIE/05/186

Start of project: 1 January 2006
Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: Hannele Johansson
Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +46 470 72 33 25 / +46 734 19 91 81

Partners: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, Sweden
Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH, Germany
Tipperary Energy Agency Ltd., Ireland
Energy Centre Bratislava, Slovakia
EVE-Ente Vasco de la Energia, Spain
Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Agenzia Locale per l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Ambientale della Provincia di Chieti A.L.E.S.A. Srl, Italia

Project summary

MOVE is a project that consists of two national and two transnational work packages in addition to the traditional WPs common to all projects i.e. Project Management, Dissemination and Common dissemination. The transnational work packages make it possible to benefit from each other’s experiences, offer innovative ways to enhance the use of sustainable transport modes and harmonize the work on European level. The two national work packages ensure the implementation on the national/local level and make it possible to take advantage from each other's experiences.

Expected results

A Network Cluster consisting of 7 project partners acting as a Common Platform for Mobility Management issues, providing the means for exchange of know-how and information among market actors in the participating regions. Best practices and General methods that will serve as guidelines for market actors on regional and local level in the participating countries ensuring a high quality and efficiency in Mobility work and facilitating the start up of new projects.

A selection of transport related greenhouse gas emission indicators based on existing European initiatives and aimed to measure changes in attitude and behaviour as well as more concrete effects such as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and health and cost effects of different transport related actions. The indicators will be selected by each partner considering the local and regional prerequisites.

Mobility agencies or similar regional platforms that make the selected tools accessible for local authorities, companies and public in general. The platforms will foster new and innovative approaches within MM.


STEER projects promote the more sustainable energy use in transport (i.e. increased energy efficiency, new and renewable fuel sources, and the take-up of alternatively propelled vehicles). The specific focus is on alternative vehicle propulsion, policy measures for the more efficient use of energy in transport, and strenghthening the knowledge of local management agencies in the transport field.

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