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Short description

GreenLabelsThis project will promote the increased use of energy labels in the procurement process of public authorities, the tertiary sector, industry and SMEs.
The project partners will
• Increase awareness and knowledge concerning energy labels as a simplifying instrument in public and private procurement departments
• Develop and spread standardised tools to support a wider distribution of energy related “greener” procurement procedures
• Identify the main barriers to energy related “greener” procurement and organise specific actions to overcome them
• Use energy related “greener” procurement pilot projects as the first step for comprehensive green procurement, and, thus, support of national, regional and European wide green procurement initiatives
A large-scale promotional campaign will enhance its impact through mailings, individual consultations, trainings, internet portals, press releases, expert articles, presentations, workshops and conferences during the lifetime of the project.

Expected and/ or achieved results

Lessons learnt

The development phase of the project focussed on a cross country analysis regarding the legal and practical experiences with green procurement. Almost 100 case studies and good practices were compiled and can be searched by key words on the international project website. The examples contain a section which reflects on the main barriers regarding implementing green procurement. It is recognised that the low awareness regarding green procurement remains as the major challenge. The tools, as well as the dissemination part will aim to address these findings.

Progamme Area

SAVE, energy-efficient equipment


Kerstin Kallmann
Berliner Energieagentur GmbH
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +49-30-293330-33


Berliner Energieagentur; BE; Germany
B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt; BSU; Germany
O.Ö. Energiesparverband; OÖ ESV; Austria
Motiva Oy; MOTIVA; Finland
Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e l’Ambiente ; ENEA; Italy
Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK; ZRMK; Slovenia
Efeko Ltd; Efeko; Finland
Centre for Energy Efficiency; EnEffect; Bulgaria
Ekodoma; Ekodoma; Latvia
Budapest University of Technology and Economics; BUTE; Hungary
Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii; KAPE; Poland
Centre for Environmental Studies Foundation; CES; Hungary


Greater use of energy labels in the procurement of public and private organisations


More “greener” procurement” saves energy and develops markets for energy-efficient products


Green procurement, energy labels, standard tools

Duration/ Budget/ Contract No.

Duration: 01/2006 – 06/2008
Budget: € 1,001,340 (EU contribution: 49.99%)
Contract number: EIE/05/038/2005

With the support of


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