GP: European Campaign On improving DRIVing behaviour, ENergy-efficiency and traffic behaviour (ECODRIVEN) - Regional PDF Print E-mail
Contract number: EIE/05/007

Start of project: 1 January 2006
Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: Peter Wilbers
Tel: +31 30 23 93 501 +31 30 23 93 501
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Partners: Energy Saving Trust, UK
Motiva Oy, FI
Austrian Energy Agency, AT
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, GR
Bond Beter Leefmilieu, BE
Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii, PL
Stredisko pro efektivi vyuzivani energie, CZ
Regie Autonome des transports parisiens, FR

Project Summary

To initiate, establish and implement a synchronised European-wide ecodriving campaign in at least 9 EU countries, including Eastern-European countries;
• To avoid 0.5 Mton of CO2 emissions until 2010 through optimised driving behaviour as well as significant amounts of other emissions deriving from road transport;
• To involve across Europe at least 500,000 drivers of passenger cars, delivery vans, lorries and buses and to reach an additional 2,000,000 drivers through publicity and media attention;
• To establish a European-wide network of local and regional collaboration between local actors and local departments and outlets of relevant national and international companies (amongst others Ford, BP, the FIA and Profile International) easily deployable for subsequent campaigns.

ECODRIVEN is a synchronised European-wide ecodriving campaign aiming at drivers of passenger cars, delivery vans, lorries and buses in 9 EU-countries, including Eastern-European countries. The campaign is based on a bottom-up approach through European-wide local and regional collaborations. The local/regional activities will be co-ordinated and streamlined trans-nationally by most of the national energy agencies of the EnR network that are involved in TREATISE, the current EIE energy agency training project. The consortium will be assisted by an Implementing Expert Committee, consisting of representatives of Ford, BP, the FIA, Profile International, the German Road Safety Council DVR and ACEA, in the development and implementation of the campaigning activities and materials.

During a one year campaigning period end-users will be regularly presented with ecodriving activities within their familiar social environment, which will stimulate them to reflect on and optimise their driving behaviour in a safe and energy-efficient manner. Country-specific campaigns will be used where appropriate to reinforce the common campaign messages. On a regional level amongst others Ford dealers, BP fuel stations, Touring Club consumer stores, Profile International outlets, drivers' associations and driving schools will collaborate with local actors such as municipalities, SMEs and hauliers.

The project will provide a substantial foundation of both coherent activities and local collaborations in each country.

Each participating country may choose to implement additional campaigning activities, tailored to different national audiences, and depending on their current level of ecodriving implementation.

ECODRIVEN builds on the EC projects ‘Ecodriving Europe’ and TREATISE, providing local actors with ready-to-hand and tailor-made ecodriving activities, a network of local collaborations and a campaign that spans Europe.


STEER projects promote the more sustainable energy use in transport (i.e. increased energy efficiency, new and renewable fuel sources, and the take-up of alternatively propelled vehicles). The specific focus is on alternative vehicle propulsion, policy measures for the more efficient use of energy in transport, and strenghthening the knowledge of local management agencies in the transport field.

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