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A specific integrated public transport security concept will be developed in Krakow. The security audit will focus in the first place on tram stops on the 1st ring road where travellers have to exit on streets. Security issues related to women will particularly be taken into account.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure concerns the increase of the quality, accessibility and attractiveness of PT (public transport) by introducing the clean high mobility corridor, the realising of a comprehensive strategy to improve PT security and safety and the improving of PT infrastructure in the city centre, especially for elders and disabled people as well as to reduce passenger boarding and alighting time. Innovative are the clean high mobility routes, the new tram and bus stations, the integrated security concept for PT and the sound information about stops.

The measure

The aim of the measure is to develop an integrated public transport security concept in Krakow. Research and technological development activities concern the implementation of a public transport security audit focusing on tram stops on the 1st ring road and developing a public transport security action plan. This measure is closely related to the measure 8.3 "Clean high mobility corridor in Krakow".

Implementation status

Main activity in that measure was related to develop the technical project of reconstruction of Lubicz - Pawia Streets intersection with the implementation of the secure bus/tram stop, serving as model.
Activities were also made regarding the concept of other bus/tram stops reconstruction development.

(Expected) results

Among the expected results and targets there is a improvement of the subjective feeling of security, especially of vulnerable public transport user groups (e.g. young, female, elders).


Zaleski Wlodzimierz
z a l e s k w l @ u m . k r a k o w . p l

The above project is part of the CIVITAS-CARAVEL initiative.

The cities of Genoa, Burgos, Krakow and Stuttgart, their public transport operators, industrial partners, and research institutions have defined a common project proposal entitled CIVITAS-CARAVEL.

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